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Cornwallis Beach, West Auckland

About Cornwallis Beach:

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Cornwallis Beach is one of the more popular West Auckland Beaches and the jewel in the crown of the Cornwallis neighbourhood. Located just 16 minutes away from Titirangi Village, it boasts a wide array of attractions suitable for anyone!

Cornwallis Beach is one of the largest beaches that faces the Manukau harbour and offers plenty of scenery and space for families to partake in any activities from simple picnics and swimming to scenic walks, kayaking and fishing. The aforementioned can be practised at the Cornwallis Wharf, located further south along Cornwallis Road.

It’s highly recommended that every Aucklander and tourist visit Cornwallis at least once and enjoy the beautiful beach, with such a short journey to reach this stunning spot, there’s nothing stopping you!

What You Need To Know


Your four-legged friend will have plenty to enjoy at Cornwallis as the Beach is an off-leash zone between Sunrise and 9am. After that time, they can still enjoy the sights and smells, but will need to be on a leash from 9am-Sunrise.

Anywhere outside of the beach such as designated picnic, camping and grass areas within Cornwallis special management zone ae not allowed to keep everyone sage.

Consumption Of Alcohol.

Currently, there is no liquor ban at Cornwallis but please be aware that visible and excessive consumption of alcohol is not allowed. If you would like to party, that it to a private residence as groups of drinking adults is intimidating and unsavoury for minors to witness. Those breaching those rules will be asked to leave and if you have any permits for picnic areas etc, those will be terminated.


As within all Auckland parks, smoking is prohibited.


Please dispose of any rubbish in the provided rubbish bins and if you cannot locate any, please take them home with you. This is to keep our beach clean for everyone.

Lighting fires

Public open fires are illegal to be lit anywhere in the Auckland Region

Access Hours Of Cornwallis Beach

Access For Pedestrians – Open 24 Hours

Gate Access For Cars In Summer - 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Daylight savings)

Gate Access For Cars In Winter - 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Non-daylight savings)

Sights and Activities at Cornwallis Beach & Regional Park

Check out the notice board to see any new events of notices of local going’s-on. The board can be located at the Pine Ave main carpark area.

Cornwallis Beach – It goes without saying that you're main attraction will be to explore and enjoy the 1.3 kilometres of sandy beach. Perfect for swimming, walking and even fishing!

Wharf / jetty – Experience history and a scenic walk down this 200 metre long wharf. Fully wheelchair accessible, it’s the last remaining wharf of Manukau Harbour’s 16 ferry wharves.

Sightseeing – You can explore the settlement of Cornwallis and explore the peninsula with a leisurely walk. Views across the Manukau Harbour and Cornwallis Beach await.

Other Things To Do At Cornwallis

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Picnics
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Weddings

Walking tracks Near Cornwallis

For those looking to take in the sights with their own two feet can depart on any number of walking tracks that can be found near Cornwallis. Most of these have remained open but be mindful that some have been closed to help combat the spread of the Kauri dieback disease.

Spragg Monument Walk:

History lovers will delight in the short walk to towering 9m war memorial that stands over 9 metres tall. It commemorates the brave pilot lieutenant Wesley Neal Spragg and all those who unfortunately perished in WW1. This land was donated by Wesley Spragg with the soul condition that a monument be placed there in remembrance of his son and 'All the Boys' of Auckland who lost their lives in foreign lands. The monument was revealed 2 years later on 17th March 1920.

McLachlan Monument Track:

Another one for local history enthusiasts and those seeking a scenic walk, the McLachlan Monument track is a short 10 minutes stroll uphill from the carpark located at the end of Cornwallis Road. The stone obelisk was erected by the Auckland City Council and unveiled on July 17th 1918. It commemorates the gift of 1927 acres to the City Of Auckland by John Mitchell Mclachlan . It’s in memory of is mother Isabella Mitchell Mclachlan, one of the original Scottish settlers who  landed on the Peninsula in 1841 on board the ship Brilliant.

Jubilee Walk:

With a length of  0.37 kilometres and easily visible track, the  30min Jubilee Walk is a popular walk. It can be found near Cornwallis Beach..

Kakamatua Beach Walk:

Head further west to the parking area near the Kakamatua stream/inlet. It’s located on Huia Road. This walk follows the sandy beach near the Kakamatua inlet and is a favourite amongst West Auckland dog walkers as a dog beach.  The track section is on-leash to help prevent the dogs spreading the kauri disease, but once inside the inlet beach, dogs are free to run and play as they please.

Kakamatua Inlet Track: 

The Kakamatua Inlet Track has been temporarily closed to help combat the Kauri dieback. Stayed tuned for updates upon it’s reopening one day soon.

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A not so typical view of #cornwallisbeach - taken in between shots for a series I sent in for the 2021 womensworknz submissions.

At one point a ranger saw a pair of legs (mine) sticking out of the bush and over the path so cautiously came to investigate. She said it was a very concerning sight to see so early in the morning 😂

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Cornwallis Beach✨
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So, what’s the weather like where you live? ☀️⁠

Here in New Zealand, it’s warming up and feeling a lot like the summer we've all been anticipating since all of the lockdowns begun. Whether it’s cold and snowy in your neck of the woods (which I miss) or the white caps of the ocean waves are as close to a “White Christmas” as you’ll ever get, I hope you’re enjoying your Thursday! I certainly am, as I’m getting ready to check some dream job tasks off my to do list (I'm definitely a list girl). But before I do that, I just wanted to say that wherever you are in the world, thanks for letting me be a part of it! Sending the squishiest hug!

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Cornwallis Beach beauty

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I love Kiwi Christmas! The mighty Pohutakawa, in epic flowering! Makes the best Christmas tree, best nectar for bees (best tasting honey), and you can't beat that shade mate 😉

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🌞We had ideal weather and everything would have been perfect, but you know what? Once we've all come out of this isolation period and you've set your next date, you will see just how much better it will be! You two will be stronger coming out of this and we'll be right there with you! 🙌🏼⁠

There is so much awesomeness coming your way! You have no idea how gorgeous all of it will be. The main thing that will remain is that you're still in it for love and many more "Chaal, Leh's" (proposal story reference) after you're married.😂⁠

Big love and can't wait to hug it out once this is all over.⁠

Oh and look at this smoke show you guys are putting on right here! 😍More coming soon @ shiimz & nisharnt⁠

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Cornwallis Beach on a stunning summers day
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