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Green Bay Beach is a small pocket of beach that leads to the coastline of Karaka Park.

Green Bay Beach, a small sandy beach, is surrounded by lush forest overlooking the Green Bay of Manukau Harbour. It is the second-largest natural harbour in New Zealand. Although the port is considered shallow, the tidal flow between the Mauka Heads is very fast and dangerous. Fishing is the favorite time of the past with those on the lake. Snapper, Flounder, and Mullet are only a few of the fish you can catch.

This beach has a special red status and is under a long-term no swim recommendation.

To check for live information on water quality and safe swimming conditions at this beach, see the Safeswim website

Brief History About Green Bay Beach

Green Bay Beach is part of the coastal walk of Karaka Park. In the pre-European era, the beach was the southern end of the gateway between the ports of Waitemata and Manukau through the Whau River. There was a big Māori pā at the west end of the beach at Motukaraka (which is today Karaka Park). The region was originally called Karaka Bay but was changed to the current name in order to avoid confusion with other bays named Karaka.

Access Route and Facilities in Green Bay Beach

  • Access to Portage Road. You’re going to need to park on the road.
  • Toilets, picnic tables, and waiting rooms are within the park.
  • Follow the 3-km Te Ara o Tiriwa/Green Bay Route along the coast.

Staying SAFE at The Beach

The beach is New Zealand’s favourite playground, but it can be a dangerous spot as well. Knowing about the hazards and risks and preparing yourself can ensure that you and your family will enjoy the heat, the sea and the beach safely this summer.

The Water Safety Code is a perfect guide to keep yourself safe in and around the water. It consists of four basic rules to remember every time you venture into the water; Be Prepared, Look Out For Yourself and Others, Be Mindful of The Dangers, and Know Your Limits.

Important Reminders for Tourists

Animals | This is a public area, and so dogs have to be on their leash to keep them and the public safe at all times.

Alcohol | Alcohol is banned from some public places in Auckland. Please view and check Alcohol ban policies to find out the rules for each park.

Smoke-Free Parks | As in all city parks and reserves in Auckland, smoking is not allowed. Our parks are all smoke-free.

Waste Disposal | Please keep our parks and beaches litter-free. Garbage bins were provided in the vicinity to dispose of your rubbish. If there are no bins available, take any trash with you when you leave. 

Outdoor Fires | All public areas within the Auckland Region have a strict fire ban. It is illegal to set an open fire at Green Bay Beach and its surrounding areas.

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