Laingholm Beach, West Auckland

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Laingholm Beach is a quiet sandy beach overlooking the Bay of Laingholm. It is near the mouth of the port of Manukau and the site of New Zealand ‘s greatest maritime tragedy in 1863. HMS Orpheus of the Royal Navy struck a moving sand bar and dropped on his side. The water of Manukau Harbor hit the ship, sank it, and killed 189 of its officers.

The area was named after George and John Laing, who farmed the area in 1854. The Bay is now a potential construction site for a ferry terminal to be linked to Auckland. Street parking is available and the beach is accessible by public transport. Warners Park is next to the beach where you feel like taking a break from swimming to hiking in a lush forest.

The Auckland Council found this water body to be “at risk” due to ongoing water quality issues. It is recommended that you do not swim or take part in any recreational water activities at this location.

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