Titirangi Beach, West Auckland

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“The long cloud in the atmosphere,” Titirangi translates. Many of New Zealand’s birds live on the sandy beach park, including Fantasil, Tui, Kererū, White Eye and more. The beach on Bay of Paturoa is part of the harbour of Manuka. At the top of the park, Auckland Transit Busses 173, 180, 181 and S025 provide convenient access to this lovely cove. Parking, children’s playground and sports field are included in the services. It is advised to fill the sand with sharp oyster covers at low tide and shoes.

Titirangi Beach’s Short / Rough History:
Playa de Titirangi = Paturoa Bay. The spot where Maori tribes fought; a location where inhabitants were extinguished; a three-day fight in which the creeks flowed red with blood with 1760; and Ngati Whua the Waiohua of Tamaki Isthma. It was a drubby day, the day when everyone fell down together, that the Waiohua cost everyone their leaders including their chief, Kiwi Tamaki.

The beach in Titirangi is the best place to take a stroll or to take a shot. We don’t advise swimming, however.

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