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Who doesn't love a day exploring one of Auckland's West Coast beaches? Whatipu is a beautiful remote beach that is definitely worth the adventure ☀🌾 #VisitAuckland
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Catching the last rays of light at the picturesque Whatipu Beach! Hands up if you wish you were here right now! ✋ #visitauckland
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Capturing the sunset at Whatipu Beach, where you feel a world away from the city life. #visitauckland
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Jumping into the second week of training with all the motivation! 🌞
After a week with more than 60km done I feel so sleepy that I had to slow down a bit... 🥱But tomorrow is Tuesday and I have a Training Plan to follow!

Back in the game!🙋🏽‍♀️
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chase adventure. chase joy. chase all the beautiful things life has to offer.
Lately I've been chasing friendships, I've been chasing mental wellbeing and I've been chasing joy!

What have you been chasing lately?

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Whatipu Beach from nearly the last row of a 777-300ER, heading for Fiji.
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One of Auckland’s West Coast beaches - 📸✨dilon_wj✨ ...

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When you find heaven on earth and you have it all to yourself 😎 ...

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Was annoying to let this shark bite me off countless times during my previous trips but finally caught him. Was nervous trying to pull the shark in using 20lb mono but landed and released it. Caught with 4/0 KL hook 🐟🐟🎣
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NEW ZEALAND // Where will you be spending summer?

📷: iamtheflyingkiwi

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Nine pin rock lighthouse after sundown. #ninepinrock #ninepinrocklighthouse #ninepinrockwhatipu #whatipubeach #aucklandwestcoast #aucklandwestcoastbeach #reflection #realrawnz #nzgrown #bestofauckland #igauckland #seascapeauckland #seascapephotography #landscapeauckland #kennyliphotography ...

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About Whatipu Beach:

Want a guided tour? - Scroll down to see what is on offer!

Whatipu Beach is a vast empty, black sandy beach with stunning dunes, caves, the finest swimming on the west coast, and a beautiful combination of lush vegetation, rough gray rock, and deep turquoise waters of the Tasman Sea.

Whatipu is located on the west coast of the Auckland region of the North Island of New Zealand.

Brief History of the Whatipu Beach

Since 2002, the Whatipu area has been operated by the Auckland Regional Council as a science reserve. At the southern end of the Waitākere Ranges, Whatipu is situated. Since the 1940s, shifting sands have significantly modified the beach. Since then, over 6 square kilometers have been added to the beach.

Whatipu: A Must Visit Beach in West Auckland

Whatipu Beach is a moderately trafficked 1.3-kilometer back trail situated in West Auckland, New Zealand, providing the opportunity to see wildlife and is ideal for all levels of fitness. The trail is mostly used for walking, hiking, nature trips, and watching birds.

The walk from the car park to the beach takes about 15 minutes through soft sand, the first headland you see is the island of Paratutae, which is still linked to the beach, there are parts of the old wharf here where the old sailing ships docked to transport Kauri logs.

Behind the beach, there was a railway line that carried logs from around the area to ships. If you're trying to explore, you can still see pieces of the track in the rocks.

On a windy day, Whatipu will impress you with the strength of the wind, roaring through the windy cliffs into the port of Manukau.

Staying SAFE at The Beach

The beach is New Zealand's favourite playground, but it can be a dangerous spot as well. Knowing about the hazards and risks and preparing yourself can ensure that you and your family will enjoy the heat, the sea, and the beach safely this summer.

The Water Safety Code is a perfect guide to keep yourself safe in and around the water. It consists of four basic rules to remember every time you venture into the water; Be Prepared, Look Out For Yourself and Others, Be Mindful of The Dangers, and Know Your Limits.

Important Reminders for Tourists

Animals | Dogs, other animals, and pets are forbidden at bookable sites and accommodation at all Auckland Council regional parks. Registered aid dogs are an exception. If you have a registered service dog with an exemption, you will need to remind our staff at the time of booking.

In all other areas of the park, unless otherwise stated in the dog-walking section, dogs have to be on their leash to keep them and the public safe at all times.

Alcohol | Visible and excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited. We may ask you and your party to leave the park and your permit will be revoked.

Smoke-Free Parks | As in all city parks and reserves in Auckland, smoking is not allowed. Our parks are all smoke-free.

Waste Disposal | Please keep our parks and beaches litter-free. Garbage bins were provided in the vicinity to dispose of your rubbish. If there are no bins available, take any trash with you when you leave. 

Outdoor Fires | All public areas within the Auckland Region have a strict fire ban. It is illegal to light an open fire at Whatipu Beach and its surrounding areas.

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