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Landscaping seems so easy – and yet the slightest mistake, or missing just one little thing, will cost you dearly. Let us help you plan your next landscaping project to enhance the appeal and value of your home or property. Get FREE professional advice and estimate from West Auckland Landscape Supplies on your next landscaping project and make use of our affordable and premium yard and landscaping equipment and supplies.

  • Get FREE Expert Landscaping Advice 
  • Get FREE Landscaping Estimates
  • One-Stop-Shop of Affordable and Premium Landscape Equipment and Supplies
  • Avail FREE Delivery 

About West Auckland Landscape Supplies 

West Auckland Landscape Supplies has been established in West Auckland for over 20 years of providing a selection of affordable and premium landscaping and gardening equipment and supplies in West Auckland to help you create a charming, modern, or traditional garden.

Why Choose West Auckland Landscape Supplies?

A lovely garden and lawn is a perfect way to enrich your life. Your garden or landscaping can enhance the look and value of your property. If you're planning a full landscaping job or just searching for a way to bring more life to your backyard lawn, you'll find all the answers in the West Auckland Landscape Supplies.

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Get Free Professional Advice on Your Next Landscape Project from West Auckland Landscape Supplies

The West Auckland Landscape Supplies is here to help you out. Each team member brings their experience and enthusiasm and gives you free expert advice on your next landscaping project.

The most important thing that makes your lawn and landscaping project a success is to get the right advice. When you engage West Auckland Landscape Supplies for your landscaping project, we'll take the time to assess your lawn property and address your physical and aesthetic goals. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to create a master plan to embellish your outdoor yard landscape.

Get Free Estimates for Your Next Landscaping Project

In addition to professional recommendations on anything you need with landscaping and gardening, we also give a free estimate of your next landscaping project to help you complete all your plans.

It's time to invest in your house. For more information on our lawn and landscape design services and products or to schedule a free consultation, please call West Auckland Landscape Supplies today.

Your One-Stop-Shop Landscape Supplier in West Auckland

West Auckland Landscape Supplies is your one-stop-shop for all your home and garden needs focusing on providing a complete range of affordable and premium quality yard and landscaping supplies and services in West Auckland.

You're Going to Find What You Need in West Auckland Landscape Supplies

The aim of West Auckland Landscape Supplies is to provide a complete solution to all your gardening and landscaping needs. With excellent guidance and professional backup for all your landscaping projects, you'll get all the garden products and supplies you need for your commercial, industrial, or home landscaping projects.

  • Gardening tools, Landscape/Lawn Trailers
  • Gravels
  • Organic and natural garden soils
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden edges
  • Timber
  • Pavers
  • Sand
  • Pebbles
  • Stone panels
  • Mulches
  • Sandstones products
  • Cracker dust
  • Koppers logs

Free Delivery of Landscaping Equipment and Supplies

West Auckland Landscape Supplies offers free delivery of landscaping equipment and supplies right on your doorstep or work site.

We cover the whole of Henderson, New Lynn, Westgate, and the rest of West Auckland. Please call us for your orders and we will deliver your specifications for landscape products and supplies on the same day.

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Customer Testimonials

"Gorgeous landscaping service and products. Affordable and fantastic free professional landscaping advice. My lawn and garden supplies and products were delivered right away. It's highly recommended." -- Luke

"I'm going to recruit West Auckland Landscape Supplies again for my next landscaping project. Free delivery of products and materials, and great staff." -- Monica

Contact Us and Get in Touch 

Come and visit West Auckland Landscape Supplies and find plenty of inspiration and new ideas for your next landscaping project. We are committed to delivering excellence in landscaping services in and around West Auckland. 

Please contact us today at 110 432 2222  or email us thru [email protected]_landscapesupplies.com to avail of our expert landscaping products, services, and advice!


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