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It's time to complete your yoga mat see how physical and emotional movements have been used by yoga practitioners around the world for thousands of years with West Auckland yoga studio .

You don't have to be a Yogi or Yogini to benefit from Yoga's elegance. Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body, whether you're young or old, overweight or fit. Don't let the terms of meditation, fancy meditation and dynamic poses be frightened. For all, yoga is.

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Yoga is a group from ancient India of physical, mental and spiritual practises or disciplines. Yoga is one of six schools for Hindu theological traditions, including, orthodox ones.

In Hinduism , Buddhism and Jainism there are a wide range of yoga studio, practises and aims. The term "yoga" is often referred to as exercises in the Western world in a modern form of hatha free yoga west auckland, consisting largely of postures or asanas.

Flexible Online Yoga West. Any day, Anytime.

Yoga videos in twelve different forms, from Vinyasa and Hatha to Yin and Restorative. Find the best yoga instructors in West Auckland, New Zealand, at home or on the go. Designed for real people, whether you are a busy mum who needs a quick boost in the morning or a traveller who wants to relax before he sleeps with a yoga nidra. Work a sweat with a sophisticated vinyasa flow or brush the fundamentals of our open beginning courses.

For Yoga and Meditation all studio classes are required, from beginners to experienced students. Everyone has the right to yoga, and everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity or race, is empowered and invited to aspire to meet the highest possible level of love in life. Feel free to take any ashtanga yoga west auckland class that suits regular needs.

Beginners will know themselves as the right course for someone who comes new or is returning to yoga and who wants a calm, restorative yoga lesson.

Pregnancy Yoga West Auckland - Mothers & Post Natal Yoga

Special yoga for pregnant and postnatal mothers in particular. A unique yogalates type especially for mothers who are pregnant and postnatal. Learned from a mother of four who over 15 years has established her studio method.

I was practising to practise maternity yoga during my second pregnancy after discovering incredible trust and physiological effects of yoga. In minutes, my second son was born and was not that happy. I knew I wanted to share the yoga instruments with other pregnant mothers, so soon afterwards I started teaching in Auckland.

Hot Yoga Classes West Auckland

Our Hot Yoga classes are based on the 90-minute classic of 26 postures and 2 movements known as Bikram Yoga, which are called 26 and 2 minutes.

The series works from the inside out of your own body. The roles are easy, however complicated. Function at your strength level.

This is the first place we invite you to come to our classes and support someone who is ill or hurt. This is a clinical type.

Intermediate / Accessible Titirangi Workshop is a perfect way to view the yoga activities, to exacerbate postures with relaxation and reflection.

Open the middleest class, open to all classes, operate at your own pace, a more diverse class with our practice.

Caitlin offers an simple , practical way of teaching old style of yoga. She adapts her method of teaching closely to the needs of the classroom.

Our Yoga Lessons

The Yoga Classes may be:

  • Postures (asana)
  • Breathing device (pranayama)
  • Restoration (yoga nidra)
  • Meditation (dhyana)
  • Wake up! Wake-up! (Samadhi)
  • West Yoga

Specific guidance, meditation, organisational meditation, school yoga, all types of yoga, size and generation. Workshops to satisfy the standards.

If you are breastfeeding, have any sickness or special requirements please tell the instructor before commencing any class and we will be happy to try and help out.

Titirangi, Henderson, New Lynn, Waitakere, Glen Eden, Kumeu, and more locations!

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