Bethells Beach, West Auckland

Bethells Beach (Te Henga) is a coastal suburb and community within the Auckland Territorial Authority in the north of North Island , New Zealand. The Māori term for the “Te Henga” area refers to the long foredunes that run along the beach and look like the “Henga” or “Gunwhale” of the waka hull. One of the 269 suburban suburbs that make up the larger city. Bethells Beach is the 239th largest suburb of Auckland in terms of the total number of residential housing units.

Bethells Beach has a number of housing units, with the first residential housing units recorded in the region built between 1910-1919. The majority of the residences in the locality were built between 1980 and 1989.

Residential housing at Bethells Beach consists of roughly 78 per cent residential housing, 1 per cent residential investment housing and 21 per cent lifestyle properties.

It is witnessing a population boom over the summer with thousands of tourists. This has put a lot of pressure on local infrastructure and the community, with a rise in garbage and parking problems.

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