Green Bay, West Auckland

Green Bay is a suburb of Auckland. It is governed by the local government of the Auckland Council. The main road that passes through Green Bay is Godley Road, and this is Urban Route 15, which passes through Green Bay to Titirangi and Laingholm. Green Bay Beach is part of the coastal walk of Karaka Park.

Green Bay, consisting of the metropolitan areas of Green Bay North and Green Bay South, had a population of 4,788 in the 2018 New Zealand census, an increase of 192 (4.2%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 438 (10.1%) since the 2006 census. There were 1,833 households in the region. There were 2,253 males and 2,535 females, with a gender ratio of 0.89 males per female, 879 (18.4 per cent) aged 15 years, 687 (14.3 per cent) aged 15 to 29, 2,028 (42.4 per cent) aged 30 to 64, and 1,194 (24.9 per cent) aged 65 or older.

Green Bay High School is a secondary school (9-13 years of age) of 1497. It was opened in 1973.

Green Bay Primary School is a full primary school (years 1-8) with a roll of 671. It was opened in 1960 and covered the years 1-6 until an intermediate department was added in 1997.

Both schools are co-educational and are located next to each other on Godley Lane.

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