Kelston, West Auckland

Kelston is situated in the residential suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Originally a ceramic manufacturing centre, the area is now largely residential, with a variety of schools. Kelston is situated in and named after the Kelston Parliamentary Electorate.


At the 2018 New Zealand census, Kelston, including the statistical areas of Kelston North and Kelston South, had a population of 5,355.

Ethnicities were 29.6 percent European/Pākehā, 16.0 percent Māori, 35.9 percent Pacific, 34.1 percent Asian and 3.5 percent other ethnicities (totals add to more than 100 percent since people could identify with multiple ethnicities).


Kelston Boys’ High School is an all-boys state secondary school in Kelston with an enrollment of 672 students. While the school is renowned for the strength of its numerous sports teams, it has also had some remarkable successes in music, dance and theatre, and has provided some excellent academic results.

Kelston Girls’ College (KGC) is a single-sex state secondary school for girls in Kelston. It was established in 1963 when the Kelston High School roll became too big for the site on the corner of Archibald and the Great North Roads.

The Kelston Deaf Education Center is located in Archibald Lane, New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand. It is a private special school for deaf children as well as a resource center offering resources and support to mainstream students and their teachers.

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