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About Laingholm:

Laingholm is a small village in the Waitākere Ranges of West Auckland.

The name derives from George and John Laing, who farmed the area from 1854 onwards until it was subdivided.

Located on the shores of Manukau Harbour, and within the Waitākere Ranges, Laingholm provides one of the few opportunities left in the Auckland region to live in a natural setting. Many of the houses are surrounded by a native forest.

Originally a vacation destination, holiday homes were constructed in the early part of the century after the original farmland was sold in lots. With road upgrades, increased car ownership and the growth of Auckland, Laingholm is now within driving distance of the Auckland centre.

At the 2018 New Zealand census, Laingholm had a population of 2,385 with 843 households.

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Grandeur Beyond Compare. 104 Kauri Point Road, Laingholm, Waitakere City, Auckland
Grandeur on an unbelievable scale takes your breath away in this enormous 880 sq m waterfront home, a tranquil lifestyle escape enjoying park like 7,234 sq m (more or less) grounds and harbour views from every angle.

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Time to grind!
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My beautiful sunrise this morning with my Laingholm Sunrise suncatcher 🌅 ...

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⭐️ 𝗝𝗨𝗦𝗧 𝗦𝗢𝗟𝗗!!! ⭐️

We're delighted for our vendors and the new owners of 65 Western Road, Laingholm! 🥳🍾

Incredible work by wendysadd.realestate and micheleballinger_realestate on achieving an amazing result on this two bedroom home, elevated and privately nestled amongst Laingholm's natural bush and birdlife! A huge congratulations to both the vendors and buyers!

For more information about this property, please visit https://bit.ly/3qZotH0
or contact our salespeople:
wendysadd.realestate - 021 607 366
micheleballinger_realestate - 021 295 0091

Happy Monday! -Be safe everyone!

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Hey everyone, isn’t it a funny old time? (Understatement of the year! 😂) I’ve been a little absent from the old gram, as was finding everything a bit overwhelming. Just too much for me to process. So I nested, watched silly movies like 2012 and the Hunger Games and cried like a baby throughout 🙄🤦‍♀️. I decided to read an old fashioned Mills and Boon from the 90’s on kindle, but wow I can’t believe how incredibly sexist and chauvinistic they were, completely got my back up... and the corker was the heroine had the flu through most of the book. Not the non triggering escapism I was looking for. 😕😂But the dogs are loving having us both at home all the time, and it feels like we’re all finding a rhythm that’s a little bit softer and not so driven? A collective enforced staycation? I have been quietly working on a few macrame pieces, it’s part of what keeps me sane and grounded. To be able to concentrate on knotting or the design process I maybe working through. I haven’t shown them here yet as it felt morally icky of me to be showing you something to buy which is in the end a luxury when people are struggling to make sure their families are fed. But I had it pointed out to me that peeps like looking at beautiful things even if they’re not buying, so I think I’ll start slowly posting what I’ve been working on again too. Anywho we’re all good up here in #Laingholm, I took this pic from the back deck a couple of days ago when for a brief moment a #rainbow sparkled through the #Waitakeres , how are you all doing? ...

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