Massey, West Auckland

Massey is a northwest suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. It was once the northern suburb of Waitakere City, which existed from 1989 to 2010 until the city was merged into Auckland Council. The suburb was named after William Massey, former New Zealand Prime Minister.

Massey is a large suburb that can be divided into three distinct areas, Massey West, Massey East and Massey North. Sections of Massey East are also known as the Royal Heights, home to the Royal Heights shopping centre. 

The suburb is home to the Massey Leisure Centre and Library.


Massey, consisting of the statistical areas of Westgate South, Massey Central, Massey Royal Road West, Massey West, Massey East and Massey South, had a population of 17,676 in the 2018 New Zealand census. Massey had 4,980 households.


Massey is home to a number of primary schools, including Lincoln Heights Academy, Royal Road Primary School, Massey Primary School and Don Buck Primary School.

Massey High School is a state secondary school, where the principal is former Tall Black Captain Glen Denham.

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