McLaren Park, West Auckland

McLaren Park is a suburb in West Auckland, New Zealand. It was named after the New Zealand Formula One driver and founder of the McLaren Formula One Team, Bruce McLaren.


According to the 2018 New Zealand census, McLaren Park had a population of 4,350. The number of households was 1,230. Its Ethnicities were composed of 44.6 percent European/Pākehā, 17.4 percent Māori, 32.7 percent Pacific, 22.1 percent Asian, and 3.6 percent other ethnicities.


Bruce McLaren Intermediate is a school for children aged between 11 and 12 years in Auckland, New Zealand. The school was named after Bruce McLaren, a local racing car builder, driver, engineer and inventor.

The Waitakere Seventh-day Adventist School is a full primary school in McLaren Park.

The local state secondary schools are Henderson High School, Rutherford College, St. Dominic College and Liston College.

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