Te Atatu South, West Auckland

Te Atatu South is a residential suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Te Atatu in Maori means dawn. Located on the Te Atatū Peninsula, it has coastlines on its eastern and western sides, with walkways and bike paths on both sides. Its location makes the suburb convenient access to to the city and Henderson town centre, and its elevation gives beautiful views of the city and the Waitakere Ranges. 

In the 2018 New Zealand census, Te Atatu South had a population of 15,138 with 4,794 households.


The original Maori name for the Te Atatu area was Orukuwai. There is little evidence of early Maori settlement in the region, although the coastal fringes show evidence that the banks were used for fishing and bird hunting. Midden shells have been uncovered around the McLeod Reserve.

The European settlement started between 1853 and 1873 when Thomas Henderson bought land from Ngati Whatua and the Crown in 1855. The Henderson Timber Mill was built in what is now known as Henderson.

The area prior to the suburban development was primarily used for vineyards, poultry farms, fruit trees, apples, lemon orchards and flower farms.

Main Centres and Parks

Te Atatu South’s main hub is the Te Atatū Town Centre, where Edmonton Road and Te Atatu Road converge. There is a small, light industrial area on McLeod Road.

Te Atatu South Park and McLeod Park are two major parks in the area.

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