Muriwai Beach, West Auckland

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Muriwai Beach is one of the great beaches in West Auckland. Muriwai is a small seaside settlement with a spectacular coastline on the west coast of Auckland above the Waitakere Ranges and is the most popular home of a colony of gannets. 

Near the beach is the Muriwai Gannet Colony, home to over a thousand gannets who return from Australia every year between August and March. There is a car park near the beach, which leads to a range of viewing platforms that allow visitors to close up views of the colony and the rough coastline.

Spectacular Things To Do and Enjoy at Muriwai Beach

Watching the Gannet Colony

A colony of gannets is crowned on rough coastal cliffs and stacks of Muriwai Beach! It’s wonderful to see these beautiful seabirds close up. Between August and March, the best time to see 1200 pairs of gannets is here.

Tracking the Muriwai Beach Loop

You can take the 1.5-hour Muriwai Beach Loop Track to spend more time in Muriwai’s breathtaking beach setting. This walk will take you across the sand dunes to Muriwai Beach and back along the Coast Road Walkway.

Surfing on Muriwai Beach

Muriwai Beach and Maori Bay are popular surfing places, so if you’re an experienced surfer, try it out! Otherwise, beginners can get into the sport by taking surf lessons with the nearest surf school.

Facilities at Muriwai Beach

  • Boat launching
  • Car parking
  • Food and beverage kiosk
  • Public toilets

Staying SAFE at The Beach

The beach is New Zealand’s favourite playground, but it can be a dangerous spot as well. Knowing about the hazards and risks and preparing yourself can ensure that you and your family will enjoy the heat, the sea, and the beach safely this summer.

The Water Safety Code is a perfect guide to keep yourself safe in and around the water. It consists of four basic rules to remember every time you venture into the water; Be Prepared, Look Out For Yourself and Others, Be Mindful of The Dangers, and Know Your Limits.

Important Reminders for Tourists

Animals | Dogs, other animals, and pets are forbidden at bookable sites and accommodation at all Auckland Council regional parks. Registered aid dogs are an exception. If you have a registered service dog with an exemption, you will need to remind our staff at the time of booking.

In all other areas of the park, unless otherwise stated in the dog-walking section, dogs have to be on their leash to keep them and the public safe at all times.

Alcohol | Visible and excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited. We may ask you and your party to leave the park and your permit will be revoked.

Smoke-Free Parks | As in all city parks and reserves in Auckland, smoking is not allowed. Our parks are all smoke-free.

Waste Disposal | Please keep our parks and beaches litter-free. Garbage bins were provided in the vicinity to dispose of your rubbish. If there are no bins available, take any trash with you when you leave. 

Outdoor Fires | All public areas within the Auckland Region have a strict fire ban. It is illegal to light an open fire at Muriwai Beach and its surrounding areas.

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