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Piha is the most popular surf beach in New Zealand. Situated on the west coast of the North Island, 40 km from the town of Auckland, this black sandy beach has a reputation for an impressive surf that rolls across the Tasman Sea. When the Uncle Toby Iron Man contest was held at Piha in 1997, the canoes were snapped in two, and they never came again.

It could be moody, misty and enigmatic, wild, damp and wind-swept. Power goes off, phone lines go down, often the road in (and out) is blocked. It’s not for the faint-hearted to live here.

Piha was the birthplace of the Malibu boarding school in New Zealand, launched by two Californian lifeguards in 1956. The first surf boat race to be held in New Zealand was at Piha in the 1930s.

Piha has rips and currents, and she’s really unforgiving, so it’s essential to swim only in areas patrolled by surf clubs. Fisherman deaths out of the rocks on a fairly regular basis, so check with the clubs before you head out.

Piha is not just surfing and sand. The landscape is spectacular and inspiring, with the towering cliffs and the magnificent Lion Rock standing guard over the sand. The beach is assisted by the Waitakere Ranges, a protected parkland in the subtropical forest, accessible via various bush tracks.

Piha has a beach side community composed of owners and residents of the river. Lifestyle is comfortable and easy, but there are all the essential facilities for a good life.

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