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ABOUT US As New Zealand’s largest vehicle cleaning company we are proud to offer our services to clients throughout New Zealand. Self Service Car Wash and Professional Car Grooming. WHY CHOOSE US? Your Vehicle Cleaning Specialists The Clean is dedicated to a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s largely because of our effort to be the industry leader in New Zealand and to continuously improve the personalised services we provide. ENVIRONMENT Keeping it clean for the future It is increasingly important that we consider the environment in every aspect of how we go about our lives. This includes vehicle cleaning. Did you know that:​ We use about 50% less water per wash than washing your car at home with a hose.​ Our used water goes into the trade waste system and not directly into the waterways, as it does when you wash your car on the side of the road at home. Our chemicals are biodegradable. We have developed an excellent waterless washing system that uses zero water and creates zero waste for sites where adequate drainage cannot be established.  
100% committed to hand washing, Espresso Car Wash prides itself on delivering a quality and convenient experience with 18 locations throughout New Zealand.  Last year we helped more than 400,000 cars look like new again. Espresso Car Wash is New Zealand’s leading professional hand wash & detailing provider. For over 16 years Espresso has remained a family owned, private company that operates within an atmosphere of determination and innovation. Espresso prides itself on offering an unrivalled service and is determined that every customer enjoys that new car feeling. Espresso Car Wash aims to make cleaning your car an affordable and convenient experience whether at one of our cafe sites or at our conveniently located shopping centre car park facilities. All our locations live up to the same Espresso Car Wash quality. Our Team Espresso Car Wash’s commitment to excellence has attracted the best people from all over the car wash industry. The entire senior leadership team have owned and operated car wash sites and are committed to continually fine tuning the car wash process to deliver a better customer experience. A passion for car detailing runs in the blood.  
Car Detailing Services We’ve put together these carefully considered car detailing packages to suit varying needs and leave your car looking road, showroom, car show or even concourse ready – depending on what you want. Come in, experience the VIP car detailing treatment and leave with a smile on your face. EXTRAS Customise our service to suit your needs. We offer an extensive range of add-on services; please refer to our booking section for details of what additional services are available. Don’t hesitate to message us for all your needs related to car graphene and ceramic coating in Auckland. WHAT ARE CERAMIC AND GRAPHENE PROTECTIVE COATINGS? Ceramic and graphene coatings (jointly referred to as “polymer coatings”) are high-gloss hydrophobic coatings that provide a physical protective barrier between your vehicle’s paintwork and the environment. Ceramic and graphene protective coatings repel dirt and stains and cause water and other liquids to bead off paintwork and glass. These coatings are also UV resistant, protecting the paintwork from UV damage and deterioration. In addition, the highly slick surface improves aerodynamics and increases fuel efficiency – especially on aircrafts. This protective coating service is suitable for all and any automotive application. Cars, motorcycles, vans, utes, trucks, motorhomes, caravans – even boats and aircraft. We have courtesy cars available to keep you on the road when you use our valet car wash, detailing or ceramic protective coating services.    
ABOUT US Duncan Auto’s is a family owned business run by Matthew Duncan who specialises in vehicle grooming and detailing for all vehicles, offering options from basic car wash to machine cutting and polishing, paint correction and protection options all available. Matthew is working along side his father Brian Duncan (Beetle-Tech) with over 35 years of experience. Brian specialises in Volkswagen servicing and spare parts, also offering VW pre-purchase inspections and VW diagnostics. Our Services: Car Grooming & Detailing We offer a wide range of car detailing and grooming options from basic hand wash to full machine polishing and paint protection. VW Servicing & Spare Parts We offer servicing for VW vehicles, including oil and filter, air filter, pollen filter, DSG servicing and spare parts available for classic and modern Volkswagen. VW Diagnostics Full diagnostic scanning (fault code reading) available for most Volkswagen vehicles. VW Pre-Purchase Inspections Pre-purchase checks available for Volkswagen vehicles including assistance with selling and purchasing Volkswagen vehicles. OUR PRICES AND SERVICES Please note that our prices vary depending on the size and conditions of your vehicle  
Always at Your Service Amos Detailing Ltd has been providing the best services to Auckland and surrounding areas since 2017. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us. And now we have three locations, Massey and Rosedale with now One tree hill our newest one. Afterpay is also available now on checkout and instore. ALL ABOUT AMOS DETAILING LTD Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness. Fast, efficient, and honest, Amos Detailing Ltd has become a reputable and well-known Car Detailing Service. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project. You can also get Uber or Ola transfer on us if you don’t have anyone to pick you up after you drop off your vehicle. And now with three locations, Massey, Rosedale, One tree hill. We are now able to cater to more customers, with Afterpay also available payment of our services has also become easier.  

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Car Grooming West Auckland Service Area:

Car Grooming West Auckland Service Area:

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  • Car Grooming Bethells Beach, West Auckland
  • Car Grooming Glen Eden, West Auckland
  • Car Grooming Glendene, West Auckland
  • Car Grooming Green Bay, West Auckland
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West Auckland car grooming:

Car Grooming West Auckland is your nearest interior and exterior specialist in West Auckland and the nearby suburbs of Auckland such as Henderson and Waitakere. For all brands and models, we have skilled valeting services to leave your car in flawless condition. To keep paintwork and upholstery looking better than when it left the factory, Car Grooming West Auckland uses the latest car valeting techniques and materials!

car grooming west auckland

Our attention to detail makes us West Auckland’s best car valet. We offer both local mobile and on-site car cleaning services and are delighted to take on both commercial and private customer valeting projects in the local West district. Using Car Grooming West Auckland today to remove winter grime and traffic film from your vehicle, or arrange a full car valet at your work or home so that your car is in excellent condition for special occasions and events.

We don’t shy away from the most daunting ventures. Did you get excess spray or fading paint? We’re going to do this! Don’t you have a careless orbital buffer and can’t patch the paint? We’re going to do this! We can do it all for your car, from a basic wash and wax, to a full cut and polish followed by a paint protector.

West Auckland Car Grooming Special!

This is our most popular car valeting service that offers a beautiful restoration of your car without going into heavy work like car paint correction, paint restoration or ceramic paint protection.

  • Hand Wash
  • Gloss Finish
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Door Frames
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Dashboard
  • Windows
  • Tar Removal
  • Wax Buff
  • Shampoo Seats & Mats
  • Door Panels
  • Roof Cloth, Carpets & Mats
  •  Fragrance

Mobile Car Valet West Auckland

To make it convenient for all our customers in West Auckland, we have outfitted our cars to provide all the services you could expect from a workshop – No longer do you need to drive somewhere, we come to you! Be it a workplace or at home.

A popular service of ours is the complete car valet, this is a great first time package for those who never had their car detailed, after that, only lighter car valet packages are required! Ideal for when you just need a clean car or whether you have a special event to visit or a special person to visit. This gives the VIP treatment to your car and leaves it to look and sound as new as the day it rolled out of the factory.

Our Complete Valet covers:

A thorough cleaning with only the finest car cleaning materials, followed by a clean rinse of water and a gentle, delicate dry by hand with a chamois cloth.

  • Thorough washing, polishing and clothing on all wheels, wheel arches and tyres
  • Giving a sparkling shine to each window, inside and out so you can see better.
  • Buffing and cleaning the fascia and the dashboard, removing any germs and diseases with a special antibacterial solution.
  • Cleaning all interior doors, and all other plastics / woods / metals, including the door panels.
  • A vacuum and cleaning of the boot area when necessary. Additional shampooing to remove stains is also provided.
  • Both upholstery and interior fabrics are washed and dried, such as floor mats and carpets, with the finest car carpet shampoo.
  • A methodical and vigilant polishing of the entire exterior of the car. If your paint needs specialist colour correction, restoration and/or paint protection – just let us know!

Mall vehicle wash / small car grooming West Auckland

In shopping malls, retail parks and car parks across West Auckland, Mall Car Wash West Auckland offers external hand wash and valeting facilities.

To wash a car, Mall Car Wash West Auckland uses only natural solvents, detergents, and as little as 3 litres of water. To assist with the Auckland water crisis, we always use rainwater collected in specialist tanks.

Our service can be 100 percent mobile inside each car park, as our trolleys contain all the water and equipment needed to have a quality external car wash.

Both our locations have fixed bay facilities, as well as our mobile service, where you can treat your car to a complete valet and bring it back to the shine in the showroom.

Car Odor Removal West Auckland

We are also your car odor removal specialists in West Auckland! Having a freshly washed vehicle is often frequently associated with having a fresh smelling vehicle. There are, however, certain smells that are not easy to remove. It could be the scent of your dog for pet owners, or if you are a smoker, cigarette smoke may stay in your car’s interior upholstery and cloth.

In an ultra-fine 100% dry smoke / fog that leaves no oily residue, our fogging device vaporises the chemical agent and spreads it throughout your car. In order to kill bacteria and leave it smelling clean and fresh, the agent thus enters every nook and cranny within your vehicle’s interior (including the boot).

Headlight Resotration West Auckland

To ensure you can see West Auckland’s beauty at night and that others can see you, we also provide headlight restoration in West Auckland! Remove that ugly yellow haze from your car headlights and ensure that your headlights are shining as bright as they’re meant to!

Not only are fogged headlights ugly, they are also dangerous as they affect your vision and your visibility at night to other drivers. Using a specialist buffer and detergent, we can remove the hazing from any car headlight and apply a new coating to prevent it happening again.