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WEST AUCKLAND CAROLINE WULF-PHILIPS SPECIALIST IN AUTOMATIC CAR DRIVER TRAINING Can help you learn to drive in an automatic car in West and Central Auckland. Caroline teaches in a Mazda 2. Caroline loves to drive and has been a driving instructor with A1 since 2015. She teaches in a Mazda 2 with dual controls. Caroline started driving articulated trucks and large plant machinery with the Royal NZ Army in NZ and in Antarctica when she was 18-21 years old. In the mid to late 80’s, she also drove buses in Auckland. She has 3 adult children that she taught to drive during their teenage years, which was great fun! Favourite pastimes are family time, swimming, biking, and bush walking. Learn to drive in: Cornwallis – Glen Eden – Glendene – Green Bay – Henderson – Henderson Valley – Hobsonville – Huia – Kaurilands – Kelston – Konini – Laingholm – Lincoln – McLaren Park – Massey – New Lynn – Oratia – Parau – Rānui – Royal Heights – Sunnyvale – Swanson – Te Atatū – Te Atatū Peninsula – Te Atatū South – Titirangi – Waiatarua – Westgate – West Harbour – Western Heights – Whenuapai. Central Auckland: Avondale – Blockhouse Bay – Lynfield – New Windsor – Owairaka – Waterview.      CONTACT CAROLINE      Mobile: 021 209 3802      Email: caroline@a1drivingschool.co.nz       NEIL BENDIG SPECIALIST IN AUTOMATIC CAR DRIVER TRAINING Can help you learn to drive in an automatic car in West and Central Auckland. Neil teaches in a Suzuki Swift. Neil  instructs in an automatic car in Central and West Auckland. He enjoys the challenge of helping new drivers become safe drivers and understanding why they should never stop improving their driving skills. Outside work Neil likes to play golf occasionally on an easy, forgiving course in good weather conditions. Learn to drive in: Glen Eden – Glendene – Green Bay – Henderson – Henderson Valley – Herald Island – Hobsonville – Kaurilands – Kelston – Konini – Laingholm – Lincoln – McLaren Park – Massey – New Lynn – Oratia – Rānui – Royal Heights – Sunnyvale – Swanson – Te Atatū – Te Atatū Peninsula – Te Atatū South – Titirangi – Westgate – West Harbour – Western Heights – Whenuapai.      CONTACT NEIL      Mobile: 027 246 7437      Email: neil@a1drivingschool.co.nz     LYNDA BARRETT SPECIALIST IN AUTOMATIC CAR DRIVER TRAINING Can help you learn to drive in an automatic car in West and Central Auckland. Lynda teaches in a Toyota Vitz. Lynda has been a driving instructor with A1 for over 18 years. She is our most experienced instructor. Her past work experience has been mainly in driving instruction. Being one of only two female instructor in our school, she is very popular. Lynda’s past experience has helped many people become safe drivers on the road. She teaches in an automatic car in West Auckland. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and of course, her gorgeous grandchildren and great grandchild.Learn to drive in: Glen Eden – Glendene – Green Bay – Henderson – Henderson Valley – Herald Island – Hobsonville – Kaurilands – Kelston – Konini – Laingholm – Lincoln – McLaren Park – Massey – New Lynn – Oratia – Rānui – Royal Heights – Sunnyvale – Swanson – Te Atatū – Te Atatū Peninsula – Te Atatū South – Titirangi – Westgate – West Harbour – Western Heights – Whenuapai. Central Auckland: Avondale – Blockhouse Bay – Hillsborough – Lynfield – Mount Albert – New Windsor – Owairaka – Waterview – Western Springs.     CONTACT LYNDA     Mobile: 021 639 561      Email: lynda@a1drivingschool.co.nz
At our driving school in Auckland, we’re all about safety and success Pass your driving test the first time! If you’re looking for a driving school in Auckland, West Auckland Driving School Ltd can be trusted. Whether you are taking the first steps in learning to drive or need refresher lessons before a restricted or full license test, we are you first choice for professional and friendly driving lessons. Our NZTA qualified, friendly and patient driving instructors will put you at ease and give you the best driving tuition and advice. We are also able to provide area knowledge courses for taxi drivers, defensive driving courses as well as onsite training including cars and trucks and also classroom instructors. Why choose us? At West Auckland Driving School, our main concern is safety. If you feel safe and comfortable you will learn confidently. We also provide you with a friendly and patient learning environment where you can move smoothly towards achieving your licence. Our customers come from all over Auckland not just the West. We have contacts all over Auckland so we will be more that happy to make recommendations should you need one. We issue quotation for companies and WINZ. Please call us today for a friendly and informative chat. About our driving school All our instructors are NZTA qualified and have many years of experience in this field. We are very community oriented and are often recommended by word of mouth. Our flexible hours relating to lesson and assessment times make us very convenient for busy people or stay-at-home mothers who can only learn in the weekends. We promise to do our best to accommodate you. If you can’t come to us, then we will come to you. We have male and female instructors who can speak English, Hindi, Fiji Hindi and few important words of other languages. Having taught people of many different nationalities, we respect any cultural beliefs you have without question.
Why We Are Different We have dedicated full time driving instructors. Providing driving lessons and simulated driving tests 7 days a week covering all of Auckland and including Northshore . Currently the NZTA Pass Rate for the New Restricted Test is only 40%. “Increase your chance of passing your restricted test “THE FIRST TIME” by running through a simulated mock driving test with us before doing your actual test. We Teach You Safety First Our Driver Educational Training programs and resources will successfully guide you through to your theory and practical driving tests. Our driving courses will help students to grasp important and often difficult driving concepts and broaden their knowledge of traffic hazard management by participating in our high quality one on one driver training. We closely monitor individual performance and ensure that each student achieve his or her full potential before going solo on the road. Our driving lessons are purposely designed to enhance students understanding and familiarises them with the road code syllabus. Our Vehicles We provide insured dual controlled automatic and manual transmission vehicles, for safe stress-free driving lessons and simulated mock learners, restricted and full driving tests. Our cars are insured. While we are acting as your supervisor we are responsible for any personal and / or property damage and any traffic infringements. The vehicles are fitted with dual controlled brakes and accelerators for automatic and with a clutch for manual vehicles. Applies to Class 1 Car automatic and manual driving lessons only (Excludes trucks, trailers and motorcycle lessons). Instructors X Experience Student will benefit from professional driving instructors and receive immediate feedback that will develop and enhance their driving skills. Our driving instructors are experienced, qualified, highly dedicated and enthusiastic professionals. They are fully committed to providing quality driver training that will successfully guide you to be a safer driver on the road. Qualifications We are a Auckland based driving school and have qualified New Zealand Transport Agency Approved Driving Instructors with years experience,  using dual controlled automatic and manual vehicles. Our driving lessons and theory courses are structured to provide a solid foundation in the (GDLS) Graduated Driver Licensing System.  
Hi, I’m Gerry I’m a fully qualified female driving instructor in Titirangi, West Auckland. As the mother of four children, I am continually working to keep them safe. To me the safety of not just our teenagers but all people learning to drive and all people using the roads is one of my upmost priorities. Before becoming a Driving Instructor I worked for the Blind Foundation for many years. My years working in this sector gave me valuable experience in both dealing with and communicating effectively with a wide variety of people. I teach in my automatic Suzuki Swift with dual controls for added safety. I will also teach in your manual car if you provide this. I’ve taught many people to drive and I‘ve got an excellent pass rate. As a female driving instructor in West Auckland, I really love my job and I particularly enjoy seeing my pupils pass their driving tests first time. Customised one-hour driving lessons Beginner Driving Lessons For drivers who have just passed their Learner Licence test and are at the beginning of their learn to drive journey. This covers: Basic vehicle operation and control, starting, stopping, following distance and includes good observation techniques. Intermediate Driving Lessons For drivers who need to build on their current driving skills in preparation for their Restricted Licence test. It includes turning onto multiple-lane streets, pedestrian crossings, intersections and motorway driving. Students become proficient at parallel parking and three-point turns. In addition, dealing with hazards as well as good observation techniques are covered. Advanced Driving Lessons For drivers who want to update, refresh and improve their driving skills to be safer on the roads often in preparation for their Full Licence test.
Your instructor: Hi, I’m John I have been a driving instructor for more than 30 years now whereof 20 years in Auckland. Before I became an instructor, I was a gymnastic coach and coached the Olympic team in Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004). These experiences have thought me how to coach people in very stressful situations, with arena’s full of people watching, tv camera’s and photographers everywhere. I completely understand that people can be very nervous when they learn how to drive. With my coaching and instructor experience I am very confident that I can help you to get your full driver licence in a calm way. Prices Practical courses: $50/hour Class 1 Only driving courses for cars Dual controlled car Pedals on driver & passenger side Automatic gearbox You can stay focused on the road Courses Restricted Licence Full Licence Overseas Conversion

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Driving Lessons West Auckland Service Area:

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Want to improve your chances of getting your driving licence in Auckland? Then why not be trained by a professional West Auckland driving instructor. Covering all of the West Auckland area.

Experienced driving testers to help prevent unsafe drivers and assist drivers who just simply find it difficult to pass their practical Auckland driving tests.

drivers of all ages in Auckland including new drivers out West, experienced drivers, nervous drivers and overseas drivers.

Auckland drivers who have had inadequate knowledge of the road rules, lacked the necessary driving skills or were stressed to the max causing them to make mistakes. This is alarming to me because these drivers are unsafe and still drive on our West roads. Make sure to check out AA for more info.

Changes to the Auckland licensing system, road rules and infringement penalties were meant to address the problem. But the only tangible outcome from these changes is that you will receive a fine if you break or infringe the road rules. This, however, does not help you become a better driver out West.

West Auckland Driving Lesson Services

Learner licence lessons final test prep full licence test training out West.

Restricted licence lessons. are you preparing for your test? Auckland training and assessments

Confidence building modified vehicle for impaired drivers assessments for older drivers and doctors report if needed. refresher lessons for the older driver

Driving Lessons New Lynn

Driving Lessons Henderson

Get driving lessons in West Auckland today, see the benefits:

  • you will become a confident and competent driver through driving lessons
  • Driving lessons will have your knowledge of the road rules reinforced out West,
  • driving lessons will become a safe and considerate West Auckland road user, and
  • driving lessons will have a greater chance of passing your driver licence tests and enjoy the process.

The driving school lessons will cover all the licence test elements such as, observation, signalling, vehicle control, positioning, gap selection, speed choice, hazard detection

Driving Lessons West Auckland

  • lessons to drivers that have a minimum of a learners licence
  • provide lessons to drivers who need to convert their overseas licence to a CLASS 1 Full licence (overseas-conversion)
  • driving instructors allow you to have an interpreter present on the drive
  • provide lessons in the comfort of your own car
  • provide punctual driving lesson service with professional driving instructors
  • give you the benefit of my experience as a driver licence testing officer and a qualified driving instructor
  • provide polite, friendly and professional driving instructor service
  • help you save money by giving you a greater chance of passing your licence test without having to go through numerous retests

Advanced Driving Skills Course For Reduction Of Restricted Licence West Auckland

The Auckland NZ Defensive Driving school course is an approved course for the purpose of reducing the time drivers spend in the Restricted drivers licence phase. Check to see if you are eligible.

The Auckland NZ Defensive Driving Course is an intensive interactive Auckland course & is made up of 8 hours of in-class theory modules with an in-car practical session. It’s designed for anyone who wants to learn safer driving skills for life. The aim of the course is to teach drivers how to process information and make sound decisions. You will be asked to work in groups where you will be expected to contribute your own ideas and experiences. There are some homework activities to complete between sessions which must be completed before proceeding to the next session, if not completed you cannot proceed further.

By the end of the Auckland course, a defensive driver will be able to maintain progress, anticipate hazards and react defensively to adverse driving situations and conditions. The content will essentially cover three main areas: myself, my vehicle and my driving environment.

The focus is on reducing risk. It develops key driving skills, and explores things like strategic searching and identifying hazards. Many people will be facing the Full Licence Test and the course reviews key manoeuvres tested on this Full Licence Test.

The Advanced Driving Course

Up-Skilling Experienced Drivers in Auckland with our driving school.
A Defensive Driving Courses Auckland

This Auckland driving school programme has been designed for the “Professional” or “Experienced” driver and is intended to be motivational in nature. An approved course for Police, Ambulance, and Fire Service Recruits. It is in the business of providing a safer road for all Kiwis.

“The basic cause of most crashes is not lack of vehicle control skill but inadequate driving judgement”

Structured around a four hour time frame, participants receive a workbook and certificate. The course is a seminar in nature and supported by video with optional practical activities either on the same day or at a time that suits each organisation. An organisation’s individual Health and Safety needs can be easily incorporated into the programme. Some programmes offer discounts on ACC Premiums.

The Aim of the Auckland Defensive Driving Course is to save lives/time/money in spite of the actions of others and the driving conditions around you.

This Course is about drivers and driving – all drivers and all types of vehicles. On the road, we all rely on everybody doing the right thing all the time.

Driving is as much as “between the ears thing” as a hand and feet set of skills. Defensive Driving seminars emphasise risk-management and deal with the factors that diminish judgement. As the majority of crashes are the result of human error, the seminar has been designed with this in mind.

During the seminar drivers are made aware of the stressors in their lives, the multiplicity of tasks they have to manage and how these gang up and overload the driver. A range of tools are included to up skill participants, helping them change from a passive driver to an active risk manager.

Your organisations vehicles are a moving billboard. Their behaviour on the road will send a clear message to those sharing the roadway.

The costs associated with buying and maintaining motor vehicles in Auckland are considerable. By following the Defensive Driving Course strategies organisations gain from reduced operating costs, greater time efficiencies and a lower risk exposure.

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