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Ben Konings at The Mortgage Supply Co is your local North and West Auckland Mortgage Broker providing specialised mortgage advice for clients looking to purchase a first home, next home, investment property, consolidate debt, undertake property development and more. We can also help review, refinance, refix or restructure your mortgage and have access to a broad range of banks and non-bank lenders. Obtaining finance to purchase a home can be challenging, particularly when lender and reserve bank policy adds increasing numbers of hoops and hurdles to jump through and over. Which bank or lender will give me the best deal? How can I be sure that I have presented my application correctly? What steps of the process am I unsure about? Using a mortgage broker can not only help you complete your desired real estate transaction, but even make the process enjoyable along the way. Ben Konings at The Mortgage Supply Co is here to help!
Zero to Hero: The Mortgage Hero Story VINS – WINS FOR YOU “A few years ago, I was in your position.  Today I’m on the other side of the table, and I can teach you strategies for achieving financial freedom.  I went from a large mortgage to zero in less than eight years.  I know everyone who has a mortgage dreams of paying it off faster.  If I can do it, I can help you make it happen too.” The Hero Helps Make Your Mortgage Zero When Vins Grover first arrived in New Zealand, he lived in a converted garage for two and a half years.  One thing he was sure of: when he walked out of that place he’d walk into his own home, not another rental.  He purchased his first home in 2005 with only 5% deposit. In 2007, Vins upgraded to a bigger house, and in 2008 he started studying New Zealand property. During the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, he was paying 8.55% interest on his loans.  Even so, at the end of 2012, Vins bought his first investment property, quickly followed by a few more, and had paid off his home by the end of 2014. Unsure How To Reach Your Goals The Mortgage Hero has a plan Experience We’ve been in your shoes and have the knowledge and expertise to move you forward. Options and opportunities We can approach multiple lenders and insurance companies on your behalf. The personal touch Our recommendations are tailor-made to your personal financial targets. Peace of mind Friendly and trustworthy, we always put your needs first. Sharing Knowledge And Expertise Vins knows the time it takes to reach financial freedom varies from person to person, but regardless of the circumstances, he knows he can help.  He can take an in-depth look at your position and offer fresh perspective and clear direction.  He can also meet you once a year to revisit your financial situation and work on a mortgage elimination plan. Speaking From Experience Vins Grover has a BSC with majors in Physics and Math’s, certifications in Computer Science and a MCSE.  He’s had practical experience in mortgages and property investment since 2007, and in 2015 he became a Registered Financial Adviser (RFA).
North West Mortgages Limited is a locally owned and operated business of mortgage advisers trading under the name Mortgage Managers. Based in Hobsonville we are perfectly located to service people in immediate areas plus having easy access to West Auckland and the North Shore. We have new offices at 124 Hobsonville Road (beside the new Countdown) or we can come to you. For people living out of Auckland or out of New Zealand we are able to communicate easily over the internet using email, conferencing software or the phone. Known As Mortgage Managers With access to most of the major banks and lenders plus state of the art technology, Mortgage Mangers can ultimately provide you with the best service possible when you need finance and also to manage that finance. Many people would have known us as the team from Mortgage Link West having operated as a licensee since 2004; however a decision was made in 2016 to leave the Mortgage Link group and The Mortgage Supply Company was selected as a group (brand) that had the support services a good mortgage advisers needs. Due to recent changes (in 2019) where they joined with the Australian group Astute Financial, it was decided to establish a new brand and we are now known as Mortgage Managers. Experienced Mortgage Adviser Having an experienced mortgage adviser working for you is important and ensures that you get the right outcomes whatever your situation. Experience counts – Stuart Wills has been a mortgage adviser for almost 20-years and knows how to get the banks to provide you the best deals and get those difficult deals approved. Over the years he has sourced many home loans for first home buyers, has restructured and refinanced numerous mortgages, arranged finance for property investors and property developers and has a reputation for doing the hard finance deals where people have been told there are no options for them. Often you might just want an opinion or a second opinion and that is okay too. The great thing is you pay nothing more for access to this vast experience and in most cases with standard home loans there is no cost to you at all – the banks will pay the mortgage adviser. Find A Mortgage Adviser It is easy to find a mortgage adviser and we have a nice office in Hobsonville, but our hours are not limited to ‘office hours’ and we welcome you to call us at a time that suits you: 0800 100939
About Mortgage Ladies and Co The small mortgage advisory with the big heart. Headed up by Heather Roney, award-nominated Financial Adviser and pink stiletto superwoman. Mortgage ladies and Co was established in 2018 with the sole aim of helping individuals and families navigate their unique financial journey.  Heather always goes the extra mile to meet and exceed clients’ expectations, whatever their financial situation.  Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home, buy an investment property or consolidate debt, Mortgage Ladies and Co is here for you – every step of the way. Our Values Mortgage Ladies and Co adhere to their deep-seated values, which they’ve coined FUNDS. FUNDS stands for: Friendly Understanding No-nonsense Dependable Sound advice These fundamental values ensure a smooth, stress-free client experience. Comprising a dedicated, close-knit team, Mortgage Ladies and Co is small enough to work with you in a personalised way but experienced enough to get the job done to the highest standard – every time. So, if you’re looking for one-off financial advice or need longer-term financial guidance, get in touch with Mortgage Ladies and Co for a friendly chat.  Your journey starts here. Services: PROPERTY PURCHASE REFINANCING INVESTMENT PROPERTIES SPECIALTY LENDING REFIXING HOME LOANS DEBT CONSOLIDATION PERSONAL FINANCE BUILDING & HOME RENOVATIONS VEHICLE FINANCE FINANCIAL HEALTH CHECKS
Your Mortgage, done right the first time. Guardian Smith is here to be the translators, turning the process from the deep unknown to education and enjoyment, we want to make sure we get people approved for the lending they need to achieve their goals Mortgage Solutions Whether it is fixing rates on your current lending, changing banks, buying your first home, buying an investment property or laying out goals for your future, Our specialty is making sure we get a solution to fit your needs.  Getting a mortgage approval is part of the journey but understanding the process and making sure it fits your needs and goals is now more important than ever. Over the years it is extremely evident that mortgages and home buying are not a “one size fits all” type of thing anymore.  Guardian understand this and because of our industry experience and thanks to us having access to such a variety of lenders we can find one that will fit your goals and financial position. How we help: First Home Buyers Movers Investors Refinances Refixers Some of our most commonly asked questions: How do interest rates affect your mortgage? How do you qualify for a loan? How much can you afford to borrow? Which mortgage type is right for me? How much deposit do I need? Our Partners We have access to a large panel of banks and lenders, this means we can work out which one is going to suit your needs best and make sure you get placed with the right one from the beginning.
Global Finance is one of the most awarded mortgage and insurance broker in New Zealand. We are trusted by more than 7000+ families and awarded more than 50+ awards. We have been helping kiwi families to reach their dream in respect of mortgages, business loans, commercial loans and personal risk insurance for 22+ years. Scale & Size We have arranged over $10 billion of mortgages & personal risk insurance cover since 1999. Every year we cater to about 1,500 customers for their mortgage or insurance needs so that they can meet their financial goals. Our Mortgage Services: Mortgages for first home buyer Mortgage Restructuring Mortgage Refinancing Business & Commercial Loans Construction Loans Property Investment Debt Consolidation Our Insurance Services: Trauma Insurance Total & Permanent Disability Insurance Mortgage Protection Insurance Medical Insurance Life Insurance Income Protection Insurance Our Achievements: We arranged over $12 billion of housing, business, commercial loans and life insurances since our beginning. Our interest saver plans ensure thousands of dollars interest stay in our customers back pocket and help to make them debt free faster according to their capacity. We have 100% success rate to date in setting insurance claims in case of unfortunate death or terminal illness. Winner of best in customer service, Mortgage & Insurance awards    

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