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Message from the Campus Principal ACG SUNDERLAND Nathan Villars It is my pleasure to welcome you to ACG Sunderland. We offer a supportive environment where each child is encouraged and challenged to reach their full academic and personal potential. As Principal, I am proud of the School’s development since its inception in 2007. Our core focus is on teaching and learning. At the same time we recognise that it is important for students to have a balanced and holistic experience during their time here. Sports, culture, music and leadership opportunities are activities that all our students are warmly encouraged to participate in. I look forward to meeting with you and assisting in planning your child’s education at ACG Sunderland. – Nathan Villars Our vision & values We prepare our students for a lifetime of learning, equipping them with the academic, sporting and cultural skills they need to become balanced and independent global citizens. Vision To foster in each student a clarity of purpose to achieve their full potential. Motto Aspire, Succeed, Respect Values The Sunderland Way encompasses the six key values taught and lived at ACG Sunderland: Respect Confidence Enthusiasm Loyalty Service Determination Philosophy ACG Sunderland is passionate about delivering outstanding education underpinned by traditional values and standards. We provide exceptional learning and development opportunities in the classroom and beyond, and our strong pastoral care ensures all students are supported and nurtured.  
MARINA VIEW SCHOOL Kia ora koutou, Annyong haseyo, Ni hao ma, Greetings. Best wishes for 2021 and welcome to Marina View School. Marina View School is an Auckland Primary School (Years 1 – 8) on the edge of the Waitemata Harbour, just 20 minutes from the city centre. Our school is full of confident and active learners, who strive to achieve their best in everything they do. Our goal is to provide our students with rich, relevant and exciting learning experiences. Integrated Curriculum Our School is committed to developing rich, relevant and deep learning experiences for our children, so that they will develop enduring understandings related to the context and curriculum area. To achieve depth and richness in learning context, and to maximise the potential of learning experiences, the learning contexts will be integrated. This learning will contribute to the realisation of our vision for Marina View students to be confident, connected, actively involved, life long learners. As well as equipping our children with the ‘foundation skills’ of literacy and numeracy, we desire that our children gain a range of future orientated skills that will assist them to be successful in life after Marina View School. We aim to give all our students a strong background in all Seven Essential Learning Areas: English Mathematics an Statistics Science Social Science The Arts Technology Health & Physical Education  
Kia ora and welcome to Green Bay High School Green Bay High School is a great place to go to school. Serving families in Green Bay, Titirangi and the surrounding areas, our focus is on learning that is relevant, exciting and meets the needs of our students. Our vision is Te Angitū Ngātahi – Succeeding Together, and as a school we make time to foster strong relationships across our wider school community, to support all students to achieve their best throughout the five years they are with us. Green Bay High School’s size and environment enables us to offer great opportunities for our students. Traditional subject pathways run alongside more personalized learning approaches, allowing our students to flourish. The continued development of our facilities, buildings and technology supports all students to achieve their personal best both inside and outside the classroom. The school plays an active role in the local community by engaging with families, local schools and community groups. Key to Green Bay’s success is a focus on supporting students to develop the skills needed to be successful, lifelong learners who contribute positively in the community. Ngā mihi nui Fiona BarkerPrincipal Te Angitū Ngātahi – Succeeding Together Green Bay High School’s size and environment enables us to offer great opportunities for our students. As a school, we have high expectations of our students and ourselves. We get to know our students and we care about what they need in order to succeed at school. Traditional subject pathways run alongside more personalised learning approaches, allowing our students to flourish. The continued development of our facilities, buildings and technology supports all students to achieve their personal best both inside and outside the classroom. The school plays an active role in the local community by engaging with families, local schools and community groups. The key to Green Bay’s success is a focus on meeting the educational needs of the community and upholding the same values. Green Bay High School offers: A clear, strong vision shared by an effective Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team. A team of teaching professionals who are experts in their subjects and enthusiastically embrace the latest professional development and change. A strong school culture that promotes positive relationships as an essential part of effective learning. An imaginative use of NCEA; traditional learning pathways which sit alongside innovative curriculum initiatives. Academic counselling that supports all students to achieve their personal best. Major investment in upgrading ICT infrastructure; a carefully developed e-learning plan with a ‘bring your own device’ strategy Active involvement and leadership of Kōtuitui, our local community of learning network. Exciting growth in sport with a focus both on top competition level and those who love playing sports. A dynamic performing arts faculty with rich performance opportunities. Huge opportunities to participate in a wide variety of students groups and initiatives including performance and cultural activities. Strong student leadership across the school, growing the leaders of the future. Our continued focus is on working together to meet the aspirations of our community and young people.  
Kia ora, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Kia orana, Fakalofa lahi atu, Bula, Zdravo, Anya hosayo, Namaste, Lei ho, Greetings At Flanshaw Road School we wish to work in partnership with our community in nurturing and developing the children in our care. Our school’s mission is to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their potential by encouraging them to develop socially, academically, physically and culturally, the skills and attributes to be successful, life-long learners. As the seventh principal of Flanshaw Road School, it is my privilege to be the ‘lead learner’ of this vibrant, diverse, innovative learning community. Having lived in West Auckland all my life, I am committed to supporting teachers and staff to provide the best learning opportunities for students, in a school that aspires to “educational excellence”. My vision for students at Flanshaw Road School is that every child leaving our school will be well-rounded, skilled, confident and resilient, equipped to cope with the challenges they will face in the future. 21st Century learning is different from the education we experienced as children. 21st Century learning is about schools putting students at the heart of all we do. It is about teachers and students learning with and from each other. It is about respectful relationships, about recognizing talents and needs and having high aspirations for all students. It is about developing students’ knowledge of themselves as learners. It is also about creating opportunities for parents to have an authentic, meaningful role as ‘first teachers’ in the school years. As a teacher, a parent, a student and a leader I am committed to working in an inclusive learning community. At every level, I believe students, staff, parents and the Board of Trustees should aim high, work hard and aspire to be all they can be. Our students are the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’. It is a pleasure to be part of their learning journey in these, the foundation years.  
About Us Most schools are based on a 19th Century model and build innovations on old foundations. The Villa Education Trust model used at Middle School West Auckland, was created to suit students learning in the 21st Century and brings an ideal means of teaching and learning to the information age. The programme involves all students in fantastic learning experiences and caters for all intelligence traits and learning styles.  Academic standards are high and expectations of the students are both demanding and fully supported.  Teaching staff are given minimal administrative tasks as their prime focus is to teach to the best of their ability. Middle School West Auckland offers an integrated, project-based curriculum. The school reflects the 8 Essential Learning Areas as stated in the New Zealand Curriculum – overlaid by a clear Christian philosophy and values. Parents have an integral part in school life and are kept informed of their child’s progress. Staff know each child’s educational needs and ensure they are met. The child’s interest areas are affirmed and they have the opportunity to significantly develop the capacity to direct their own learning. Middle School West Auckland aims to develop the individual talents of every one of its students and to teach them to relate the experience to, and learn through, the everyday world. We take full advantage of the excellent learning resources in the community. Parents are invited to take an interest in all aspects of the schools programmes. They are welcome to take part in both the morning and the afternoon programmes. Please discuss any special areas of interest with a staff member  

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