Huia, West Auckland

Huia is a western coastal community in Waitakere District, Auckland, New Zealand and part of the Waitākere Ranges Regional Park. The population is roughly 580.

Huia was known locally as Te Huia as the region is believed to be named after the Māori chief, Te Huia, who lived in the bay and was quite taken to the region that he remained there. The English translation “The Huia” was used in the 1970s, but “Huia” has become more prevalent.

Most of Huia ‘s houses are located along Huia Road, which arcs around Huia Bay and heads west to Little Huia.

Huia has a single store / cafe (Huia Store) that celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2006. Huia is also being served by the Huia Volunteer Fire Brigade.

There are picnic tables, a grill, a small playground, a basketball half-court and a half pipe for skating on the shores of Huia Bay. It’s similar to the Lower Huia Dam, the Upper Huia Dam and the Karamatura Falls.

The Upper Huia Dam was opened in 1929 and the Lower Huia Dam opened in 1971. Both reservoirs are part of Auckland’s water system and are operated by Watercare Services.

The Auckland Council operates many accommodation facilities in the district, including the Kiwanis Huia Camp, the Huia Lodge (which includes the old school building), the Barr Cottage (located on the waterfront in LIttle Huia) and the camping area known as the Barn Paddock in the Karamatura Farm.

The Huia Settlers Museum is situated near the entrance of the Karamatura Park. The museum holds many remnants of the Kauri felling and milling and objects of the HMS Orpheus wreck.

The old school of Huia is past the museum. The school was opened in 1894 and closed in 1961 due to declining numbers. It’s the Huia Lodge now. Green Bay High School is a nearby state secondary school.

There is an abundance of walking trails across the Huia region, and there are numerous camp sites in the Karamatura Valley. The highest point in the Waitākere range-Te Toi o Kawharu (474m)-Accessible through the Twin Peaks Track is part of this valley.

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