Waiatarua, West Auckland

Waiatarua is a small settlement near the top of the Waitakere range, bordering New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland.

Waiatarua means “song of two waters,” likely referring to the opportunity to see both the wild west coast and the still-shimmering waters of the Manukau and Waitemata Harbours.

At the 2018 New Zealand census, Waiatarua had a population of 2,148 with 735 households.


The Rose Hellaby House in Waiatarua is an elegant ‘English cottage’ style house designed in 1939 and now leased to Aranui Antiques and Collectibles.

Set on nine hectares of land, the site is an excellent vantage point overlooking the varied scenery of West Auckland, the Manukau and Waitemata Harbours and beyond. Breathtaking views can be taken from the viewing platform on the back of the lawn.

The nearby Arataki Information Centre, which offers information on the local flora, fauna and geology, is the starting point for a number of well-maintained walking trails in the area.

The Waiataru area includes the Upper and Lower Nihotupu water reservoirs. The paths leading to these reservoirs are scenic walking trails through native forests past waterfalls. These trails are linked to the broader network of walking trails within Waitakere Regional Park.


Local state primary schools are Oratia School and Henderson Valley School, and local state secondary schools are Kelston Boys High School and Kelston Girls College.

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