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Karekare is a small coastal town in Northern New Zealand’s Auckland area, sandwiched by a great black surfy beach from the Waitākère Ranges.

Because of its position in The Piano in 1993, Karekare Beach received greater recognition. On the west shore of Auckland, 35 kilometres from Auckland city centre, the secluded black sandy beach.

The more famous Piha Beach with the famed Lion Rock is nearby and the surfing culture is a favourite. But on the way to Piha beach, turn left off Piha Road and take the road to Karekare. The main parking lot is just 10 minutes walk away from the beach, accessible by many trails. There is a simple river flowing from the parking lot to the ocean.

The ideal and peaceful beach has tall cliff headlands, large black sand dunes and intense waves that make the spot so photogenic.

The Karekare falls are about fifteen minutes walk from the beach, or about seven minutes to the Karekare Rd main car park. The La Trobe trail leads to the glorious drops on the path from the carpark. When you walk down the road, the stunning Opal Pool Stream Cascade will greet you first. You will be honoured with the glorious view of the Karekare Falls as you proceed a little farther down the road.

There’s lots of light close to the falls, particularly on a sunny day, where you pull your mat and relax. The watershed is a pool on the field where visitors can have a fun dip. This is an atmosphere where you can be fully environmentally conscious.

The beach and the falls are both part of the Karekare Regional Park, which has a small campsite, several walking trails and a few picnic areas (McCreeies Paddock Campground).

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