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Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? Hypermusic Studio provides quality guitar teachers around the Auckland area for both electric and acoustic guitar. We are aiming to grow and expand our teachers to cover more areas in Auckland but get in contact today to find out how we can help!
Guitar Teachers Hypermusic Studio guitar teachers in Auckland –  At Hypermusic studio I offer quality one on one guitar lessons in Auckland. If you are interested in learning to play the guitar, I offer lessons for both acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Find out about my lessons and how they can help you start learning guitar, or improve your guitar skills. What ever skill level you are at, with a bit of practice you will see results in not time at all. Even if you have never touched a guitar, I can help you improve. You will get a firm grasp on all aspects of playing the guitar. Learn Electric & Acoustic Guitar with a quality guitar teacher Guitar lessons are taught in Auckland (West Auckland, North Shore, Central City). Both Acoustic and Electric guitar lessons are available. Affordable Lesson Rates. Guitar lessons for  Adults, Teens and Kids. No experience needed, lessons are available for any skill level from beginner guitar right through to advanced. There is also the opportunity to learn music theory and note reading, as well as learning the basics of how to record, edit and mix your own music on a PC/Mac. What ever skill level you are at, with a bit of practice you will see results in not time at all. Even if you have never touched a guitar, I can help you improve. You will get a firm grasp on all aspects of playing the guitar. Piano Lessons Auckland Hypermusic Studio offers piano lessons in Auckland over a range of locations. If you have always wanted to learn to play the piano, I have a small group of expert teachers who will get you well on your way to achieving your musical goals. Piano lessons are structured one-on-one with the teacher and student, to allow full focus on your learning and progress. Lessons are available for any age ranging between 7 years old, right through to 100! It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, have been teaching yourself, or even if you are at an advanced level. My teachers are more than happy to help you learn and further develop your skills. The piano is a beautiful and dynamic instrument, graceful and delicate, yet striking and dramatic. Play as a soloist or in a group, the piano offers a wide range of options and musical styles. Learning the piano can be an excellent way of sharpening both your mind, and your body. It is a perfect instrument for children, adults, and everyone in between. The teachers from Hypermusic Studio can help you no matter what your goals are with playing the piano. Learn a range of styles including pop, classical, blues and more. Even if you have never even touched a key on a piano, we can help. If you are new to the piano, you may be wondering what you need to get started. We are working on some helpful tips to help you along your way to beginning to play the piano. Learn to play the Piano with a quality Piano teacher. Plano Lessons are taught in Auckland and throughout the Auckland Area. Learn a range of styles and genres including Classical, Blues, Pop, Rock & more. Competitive and affordable lesson rates. Piano lessons are available from ages 7 & up, right through to adults – It’s never too late to start! Hypermusic Studio also offers lessons for other instruments including Guitar, Bass, & Vocals. Find out more about the other lessons on offer. Singing Lessons Auckland Vocal lessons Auckland If you are wanting to improve your voice, then you have come to the right place! Hypermusic Studio offers singing lessons around the Auckland area. Auckland is a great place to be a vocalist, there are many outlets to showcase your talents and drive your inspiration be it theater and drama performances, classical opera, right through to pop and rock. It doesn’t matter where your aspirations are, having a good singing instructor can help you achieve your goals. My name is Kyle and I started Hypermusic Studio, It has now grown and expanded to the point where I now have a small team of teachers in Auckland who are highly talented and can help you improve your voice. Become a Better Singer With Private Singing Lessons in Auckland Singing can provide a lot of joy and entertainment, it is one of the more approachable instruments to learn because… Everyone has a voice. There are many people who don’t want to give singing a try out of fear of being tone-deaf. The truth is, being tone deaf is actually very rare. It can often be a case of having some direction and learning what you need to be doing correctly. For example improving posture, practicing breathing techniques and developing proper warm up routines. These skills can help you to see a big improvement in your skills. Plus learning to sing your favourite songs is fun!  Our lessons are great for both kids, adults and everyone in between. If your child is interested in getting into acting and theater, then having some singing skills to back them up makes a big difference. You may already be a fairly good singer wanting to take your skills to the next level. My team can help to get you there.  Even if you are just interested in joining the local choir or improving your singing skills for church or other services. We can help! About our Auckland Singing Lessons Singing lessons are available for any age 7 and above. We welcome teens and adults as well. Age isn’t something that should hold you back from doing something that you enjoy. Lessons are taught for a range of singing styles and can help towards improving pitch, range, vocal clarity and many more issues that you may be struggling with. One-on-one singing lessons. Allows full focus on you and your needs. Lessons are taught from the age of 7 and above. Beginner and advanced vocal training available. Auckland based lessons. Learn a range of singing styles including classical, pop, jazz, choir and many more depending on your needs and goals. Get in contact with Hypermusic Studio today!  
Welcome to Go West Music! If you are wanting to learn to play an instrument, you are in the right place. Our headquarters is based in West Auckland but we have a team of professional teachers available to teach all throughout Auckland and the rest of New Zealand. Learn A Musical Instrument Learning to play an instrument is an extremely satisfying and rewarding creative outlet that we believe anyone and everyone should at least have a good go at. Go West Music provides music lessons for a range of instruments. Talk to us today to find out how we can help to get you started. Guitar Lessons Go West Music has a special place for guitar. We grew up in West Auckland playing music in bands and absolutely love guitar. We now have a range of guitar teachers ready and waiting to teach you where ever you are in New Zealand. Learn from world-class teachers with a professionally structured and crafted series of guitar lessons suited to you and your musical style. We provide both acoustic and electric guitar lessons for aspiring musicians at any age and any experience level. Guitar Lessons West Auckland Quality one on one private or online guitar lessons based in West Auckland. Go-West Music are Auckland’s leaders in guitar teaching and have a team of expert guitar teachers ready to help start your journey into becoming a guitarist. Electric guitar lessons West Auckland Go West Music have professional electric guitar teachers based out in West Auckland to help kickstart your music career. Able to teach in a wide variety of styles including rock, metal, country, blues, jazz and pop. We will have you rocking that stage in no time at all! Acoustic Guitar Lessons Want to learn how to play acoustic guitar? – you’ve come to the right place! Go West Music specialises in acoustic guitar lessons so whether you want to become a singer-songwriter and accompany yourself with an acoustic guitar, or learn full-blown percussive fingerstyle playing, or even if you just want to mess around strumming a few chords at your next Kiwi barbecue. We can help! Full-Range Of Music Styles For Guitar It doesn’t matter what style of guitar you want to play, we have the perfect series of professionally structured lessons designed specifically around the style of guitar music you want to learn. From classical, fingerstyle, pop, folk, rock, and much more, our world-class teachers can get you up and strumming that song in no time. Easy and Structured Guitar Lessons Our lessons have been developed to be well structured, yet flexible enough to be able to suit a wide range of goals and needs. We don’t want to restrict you because something goes out of the scope of the style of music you want to play. We also go into details of what your guitar playing goals are. If you just want to take things casually, that’s great! We don’t want you to then go on and have to do a full blown theory course to only come out of it playing a couple of songs. On the other scale, if you want to learn to be a professional songwriter or musician then we have the ability to take you through to that next level. All Music Skill Levels & Ages Welcome It doesn’t matter your age or your level of skill when playing the guitar. It is not the easiest instrument to learn, but it sure can be rewarding and highly enjoyable to play once you start to quickly get the hang of it. At Go-West Music, we teach aspiring guitarists for any skill levels, beginner right through to advanced. We teach 6-year-olds to play the guitar successfully, and we also teach 60-year-olds to play the guitar successfully. Playing an instrument at any age can have huge benefits to your mental ability and coordination development. Go West Music have successfully taught people of any age to learn guitar easily, effectively, and of course enjoyable! Quality West Auckland Guitar Teachers West Auckland based guitar teachers Electric guitar and acoustic guitar lessons available Able to teach a wide range of musical styles and genres Professional high-quality and effective teaching structures Get in contact today, our guitar teachers will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.  
WHY LEARN FROM KENJI Lessons teach what YOU want to learn The focus of our lessons is always on what YOU want to learn on guitar and achieve with music. Learn from an actively Performing and recording musician Kenji has performed and recorded all around the world with top selling artists and producers. Learn from a University educated Musician Kenji has a Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz Performance from the University of Auckland. About Kenji is a Kiwi Japanese Pakeha Musical Director, Guitarist, and Guitar teacher. After winning best Jazz Guitarist at the national Jazz festival in Tauranga, he graduated from The University of Auckland Jazz performance programme with top grades. He has worked with Platinum award winning artists such as SIX60, Mitch James, Jake Gosling, Nico & Vinz, and Annie Crummer. He Has recorded and performed nationally and internationally, performing at some of New Zealand’s largest shows and festivals including the record setting SIX60 Western Springs show with Mitch James. Kenji has a teaching studio near West Harbour and also does online lessons over zoom.
About Me Hi, I’m Steve Bailey – Kiwi Guitar’s founder, owner and tutor. If you’re keen to learn how to play guitar, I’m keen to help you discover the world of music and find out where you fit. I’ve had a long, colourful and fulfilling relationship with music – on the road with various bands across England and Australasia, camped out in recording studios, creating original songs and putting my own spin on quality cover tracks. From working as a session musician for advertising jingles through to managing my own covers band, ‘Swingshift’, I’ve seen the music industry from all angles and know what it means to make a living as a professional musician. I started offering guitar lessons for beginners part-time to supplement my income. I taught a few friends for fun, then discovered I really enjoyed teaching. I’ve worked hard over the years to develop my own musical style, and I’m keen to help new players discover and create their own. Guitar Lessons at Home Having your guitar lessons at home can be a great option if you’re time poor, have transport struggles, or simply enjoy the ease of learning in your own space. I travel to teach within Central Auckland, East Auckland, and West Auckland. From Parnell to Glendowie in the East, from Westmere to Mt Albert out West, and everywhere in between. It’s the most convenient option for guitar lessons East Auckland, West Auckland and the central suburbs have to offer, and a service that’s currently unique to Kiwi Guitar. You’ll enjoy all the convenience and benefits of learning in your home plus flexible payments, customised lesson structure, and full focus on what you need to get the best out of your music. What you can achieve is limited only by your dedication and the routines you set around practicing, and I am available for practical advice on homework or buying music gear at any time. To discuss having your guitar lessons at home, please get in touch – I’m happy to discuss your requirements and negotiate depending on location.
WEST AUCKLAND Our West Auckland school is located at a. We have a large range of instruments for people to learn in a face-to-face environment. THE MUSIC EDUCATION STORY We’ve been teaching music lessons in Auckland since 1981. We’re passionate about what we do and the benefits that learning to play a musical instrument provides. Our specialist lessons are for children as young as 3-and-a-half. We offer one-on-one lessons for children over 7, as well as for teens and adults. These lessons are adapted to each student’s ability and to the style of music they’d like to learn. We offer music lessons designed for fun or to help prepare students for taking an exam.   We help students prepare for internationally recognised music exams from organisations like Rockschool, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and Trinity College When it comes to teaching music, particularly to children, there are some things we firmly believe: Everyone should have the opportunity to learn music and how to play an instrument Students don’t need to show any special musical talent in order to learn and play an instrument Every child has the ability to make music and enjoy making music With 95 teachers, 4 Auckland locations in, Glenfield, Henderson, Ponsonby and Howick and onsite lessons at 40 schools – we cater to a wide range of student needs. We also offer online lessons. We would love to support you on your musical journey. IS THIS THE LARGEST GROUP OF EXPERT MUSIC TEACHERS IN AUCKLAND? With around 90 team members, all focused on bringing out the musical potential in your family, the Music Education Centre has the right people to help you, regardless of your musical dreams and aspirations. Across our organisation, we have a diverse range of talented tutors, so no matter what your chosen instrument or genre, we can take you from beginner to advanced level. After all our years of experience, we know that student needs vary tremendously, which is why we have teachers across a wide range of ages.  Some students really relate to younger teachers, whilst others seek those with a lifetime of experience. Regardless of which teacher you have, you can be sure that they have been auditioned and selected by the Music Education Centre management for their skills as a music teacher in addition to their advanced level instrumental skills.  Add to that, our annual teacher training and ongoing professional development programmes, and the fact that our teachers can all benefit from one-another’s knowledge mean you can have confidence that our lessons will be right for you! IT ALL TAKES MORE THAN JUST GREAT TEACHERS! When you start lessons with the Music Education Centre, you are commencing a musical journey that will teach you skills that last a lifetime. To help you get the best out of your time with us, our administration support people, are there to keep lessons running smoothly and help with those all-important general questions that form a part of any learning experience. Some of our office crew have been working with the Music Education Centre for over 30 years and most have had personal experience benefitting from learning a musical instrument themselves. Just like our teachers, we embrace diversity, with workers from all walks of life – but all here to help create your musical future! WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT OUR STUDENTS… And we currently have about 1800 of them!!! When you consider how many budding musicians started their music learning with the Music Education Centre, there are literally thousands of Aucklanders who are only where they are today as a result of the lessons they had with our centre. Many Music Education Centre students have gone on to achieve tremendous success in their music and entertainment careers and awarded with medals. Browse medals china for more info! You may not know it, but you will have seen our students on TV shows like NZ Idol, X Factor NZ, and even reading the news on Breakfast. Students have performed in venues like the Aotea Centre, the Civic Theatre, Spark Arena and the Bruce Mason Centre. We have seen students enter prestigious musical competitions in countries like Australia, China, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden and even Russia. Granted, most of the students that learn music are going to do so for their own personal enjoyment and satisfaction, but it is great to know that the possibility to make it big in the world of music exists. Affiliated Member Since 2000 the Music Education Centre has been affiliated with the international “Forte School of Music”. This network of music schools offers award winning music courses around the world – from the UK to Australia and of course here in New Zealand. Our centre is proud to be associated with this organisation, and offer some of their specialist piano/keyboard programmes at our North Shore, West Auckland, and Ponsonby locations. In the Eastern Suburbs, we offer the complete “Forte” experience, with our school in Howick offering tuition to all ages from pre-school to adult. Examination Platforms Music Education Centre students have the choice of preparing for external music examination and assessment. As lessons are structured to individual student needs, our teachers use a variety of syllabuses from some of the world’s most highly respected examination boards. Whether you want to sit for classical exams through bodies such as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, or Trinity, or perhaps want a contemporary qualification through Rockschool’s UK based programmes, we can prepare you from beginner level through to diploma.
Welcome to Able Music Studio!​ NEW ZEALAND MUSIC EDUCATION GROUP LIMITED Founded in 2006, we are the largest music academies in Auckland, with several branches throughout the city. With our programs varying from private lessons for all instruments to group piano and guitar classes, we also offer free theory and aural classes to all students enrolled. We have the highest success rates when it comes to competition and exam results. Our team of teachers is professionally trained to encourage excellence and a high level of accomplishment . Able Music’s Piano Department produces some of the most successful young pianists in Auckland. Able Music Studio provides quality music education in an atmosphere that fosters achievement, encourages creativity, and cultivates a lifelong love of music. About Us All of our teachers are IRMT NZ-registered, holding credentials ranging from bachelors to doctorate degrees in music and piano performance, earning accolades in numerous local and international piano competitions. Our studio’s dedicated and reliable instructors have established over fifteen years of teaching experience, and hold a 100% pass rate for student exams, many students passing with distinction. In 2018, 2016 our school held the highest mark winners for the Grade 8 ABRSM Royal School UK exam. In 2008, our school held the highest mark winners for the Grade 3 and Grade 7 Trinity Guildhall UK exam.
Welcome to Auckland Music School !! Auckland Music School has been serving in music education since 2003 in West Auckland. We provide the following Music tuitions: Piano/Keyboard, Singing, Guitar, Music Theory. We are focusing on the lessons suitable for each student’s demand and we give our best to provide each student the highest quality in music education. Our goal is to help students to enjoy and love music. Lessons ONE on ONE LESSON (Enrol Anytime) PIANO, SINGING, GUITAR – FEE – 30 min: $30 45 min: $45 1 hour: $60 Our Teachers Aeran Jung Director Piano and Composition Teacher Short study in Composition, Auckland University NZ AAS Jazz Commercial Music, New York USA BA English Language and Literature, South Korea Winner of Gospel Songwriting Competition CBS Radio, South Korea <THIS LIFE> – Original song by Aeran Jung / Sung by Sean Jung and Francine Bacho Sean Jung Singing and Guitar Teacher Short Study in Music, Unitec NZ ABRSM Grade 8 in Singing M Ed. English Education, South Korea BA English Language and Literature, South Korea Experienced Singer and Choir Conductor

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