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Revolutionary Natural Solution Emerges: Pharmacist Discovers Breakthrough Calendula and Parsley-Based Cream to Treat Hyperpigmentation In a world saturated with beauty products promising miracles, one pharmacist’s journey from frustration to triumph has unveiled a groundbreaking solution for women battling the persistent issue of hyperpigmentation. Meet Tsahallah Dror, a pharmacist who immigrated to New Zealand and like many others, struggled with severe melasma after taking the pill for her acne. Frustrated by the lack of effective remedies, she took matters into her own hands and embarked on a journey that would change her and others’ skincare game forever. Tsahallah’s struggle began when she noticed the unwelcome arrival of stubborn hyperpigmentation, a common side effect of hormonal medication for acne. Despite trying numerous expensive treatments, her hopes were repeatedly dashed as the pigmentation persisted, leaving her feeling defeated and disenchanted with the beauty industry, even doctor’s prescriptions did not help. In her desperation, Tsahallah delved into extensive research, scouring through books and experimenting with numerous natural remedies. Her determination led her to the discovery of a potent combination of calendula and parsley, which proved to be the turning point in her battle against hyperpigmentation. Tsahallah formulated a soap and a night cream that has since become a beacon of hope for countless women facing similar challenges. The Beauty Fields Cream and Soap, born out of the healing properties of calendula and parsley, have emerged as a game-changer in the world of hyperpigmentation. Calendula, known for its anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties, combined with the skin-lightening effects of parsley, forms a powerful alliance against hyperpigmentation. Unlike many fleeting treatments, this duo provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for women seeking long-term results rather than expensive harsh treatments like deep peeling or laser resurfacing where results expire after a few months in most cases. Beauty Fields Cream and Soap offers a gentle yet effective approach to skincare. This revolutionary formula not only addresses hyperpigmentation but can also be seamlessly incorporated into daily routines. The product’s efficacy is particularly potent during the summer months when pigmentation tends to worsen. Tsahallah Dror’s journey serves as an empowering narrative, urging women to take control of their skincare. As the beauty industry continues to evolve, Beauty Fields Cream and Soap stands out as a beacon of hope for those tired of short-term fixes and seeking a lasting remedy for hyperpigmentation.   Tsahalla says that many of her customers have found her only after they spent big money and precious time on treatments that do not work well enough and she wishes to help save this suffering from other women earlier rather than later.
Welcome to Helen’s Nail & Beauty! My name is Helen and I am the owner of this newly established nail & beauty business. With 4 years of experience doing nails in New Zealand, I have decided to start a nail and beauty business from home. Nail salon in West Auckland At Helen’s Nail & Beauty, my specialty is nails. I offer a wide range of services including manicure gels, acrylic, and SNS dipping powder, as well as manicures and pedicures. I take pride in providing high-quality services, paying attention to detail, and ensuring that my clients leave feeling pampered and satisfied. Thank you for considering Helen’s Nail & Beauty for your beauty needs. I look forward to meeting you and helping you feel and look your best!
Skin and Beauty Clinic in the Heart of Titirangi Luxurious Facials and Advanced Skin Treatments | Specifically Designed for Your Skin At Biome, every skin treatment is unique and every step designed to perfectly suit you and your skin goals. Simply choose from Dermalogica’s proven range of technologically advanced skincare or the powerful, bioactive ingredients harnessing the best nature has to offer by Mukti Organics and let Becks create the magic using her skills, knowledge and the latest in skin-transforming technology. Eye Treatments & Facial Waxing Eyes are the window to the soul and eyebrows structure the face. Choose from a variety of treatments to define your eyes, shape your brows and make both stand out. Your Skin and Beauty Therapist Becks Becks helps you achieve optimum skin health through treatments, education and guidance using a holistic approach. She’s obsessed with the science behind skin and what can be achieved in skin-improvement. Hi, I’m Becks As a self-confessed ‘Beauty Geek’, I’ve had a long and wonderful history in the beauty world with roles such as skin therapist, skincare educator, spa therapist, freelance beauty writer and skincare formulator. I’m obsessed with the science behind skin and what I can achieve in skin-improvement as a therapist together with my clients through education and guidance using a holistic approach. As well as being driven by skin-results, I also love connecting with people as that’s what life is all about right?  By fostering great relationships with my clients, I believe beautiful skin and optimal wellbeing is truly achievable. I have been lucky enough to have found a beautiful, tranquil spot in the gorgeous villa which is the Titirangi Wellness Centre, shared with other amazing wellness professionals.  While being in the heart of Titirangi Village, the centre is a real sanctuary with lush garden surrounds and easy, dedicated client parking. I’d love to take care of you and work with you to give you your best skin ever!
BeautyLab is a boutique salon located in the beautiful West Auckland suburb -Te Atatu Peninsula. Owner-operated by highly experienced Kiwi professional.  Brazilian wax experts with 10+ years experience.  Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo specialist Chloe, offering Microblading, Powder brow, Ombre & Combo brow.  Other services include, waxing hair removal service, loose skin/wrinkle reduction, Plasma pen, Microneedling, lash lifts & eyelash extensions. Some of the amazing products and brands we use include, Phi, Tina Davies, Fablashes, Ital Wax, Ellebana, Revitalash, Blinc, Belmacil & more. Fully qualified technicians, registered business with current Health & Safety license with Auckland Council.  Founded in 2012 By Chloe Louise. 
About You Deserve The Cosmetic Clinic We are the experts in laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables and skin care treatments, performed by qualified, experienced clinicians to help enhance your natural beauty and help you look and feel like the best version of you.  Our top priorities are your safety and satisfaction, and our mission is to provide safe and effective, industry-leading non-surgical treatments that offer real results, at prices that offer real value. Our mission is to make you look and feel good about yourself and we have a wide range of treatments and products to deliver just that.  Whether you are looking for laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, microdermabrasion, acne management, treatments for rosacea, pigmentation, scarring, sun damage or just great skin care we have lots to offer. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with good value, affordable, accessible and effective cosmetic treatments using the latest in medical grade equipment, in beautiful high quality facilities, delivered by experienced, qualified and highly trained staff.  Our laser and dermal technicians are not only beauty diploma qualified but they also have a laser safety qualification with a registered training organisation.  Our cosmetic injectors are either doctors or registered nurses with specialised training in injectables. New Zealand owned and operated, we are part of a global network of over 130 clinics founded by a leading cosmetic physician in 1996.  We draw on a history of treating hundreds of thousands of clients over the past 25 years. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.  You deserve it.
WELCOME TO HALAL BARBERS At Halal Barbers, our modern take on an old-fashioned barber shop provides a high standard and quality service for the customers from all ages in Henderson and surrounding metro Auckland area. ​Whether you want a precision shave, or want a completely new look, our barbers will make sure that you leave our shop with a big smile on your face everytime! ​Next time you are in the area and need a haircut, come say hi and see what we have to offer!
Your hair & beauty oasis in Glen Eden, West Auckland Headstart Total body is a salon of talented hairdressers committed to top quality service along with a personal connection to each of our clients. We are open for business and our team is Fully Vaccinated. Headstart Total Body is a registered salon. Headstart Total Body has always been a registered salon that follows a code of ethics.  However, did you know that anyone can open a salon?  This is why you may hear in the press about dangerous practises at some salons, and why you should ask about the qualifications and ongoing training of your stylist.  We love what we do so we love to constantly up-skill and train. Simone attends meetings to keep up with any Government changes and our team often goes to educational training. Meet the Headstart Total Body team Simone has been cutting hair since she was 16 and is the artistic owner and head stylist at Headstart Total Body.  Being a natural educator not only for the team at Headstart but she also serves on the board at NZQHA.  Simone is also an assessor for new hairdressers in the industry.  Simone loves to modernise a classic look to make them fun and wearable for her clients.  Simone lives with her husband Wayne and daughters Nikita and Lexi  with their family dog Haizer. Weakness – Simone HATES birds!! Emma is one of our head stylists and has been with Headstart for many years.  She has a gentle kind personality with a thoughtful artistic spirit to match.  Her work styles range from natural and soft through to bolder looks with pops of colour.  Emma is skilled and conversant in all aspects of hairdressing and is an industry assessor as well.  She loves to share her knowledge with her team and to help this Emma often engages with one of our colorists to work under her supervision. Emma lives with her husband Lex, daughter Grace and son Bevon with their family pets being two cats Basil and Wick Weakness – Can’t stand clowns and old porcelain dolls Gina is a senior stylist at Headstart, she loves getting to know her clients as this is a part of what keeps her excited about her craft and the industry.  Gina is a Matrix Color specialist and part of the Matrix education team, whilst using her knowledge to create exactly what her clients are envisioning when they sit down in her chair.   She is an expert at Cezanne smoothings and chemical straightenings while also enjoying creating new hair styles for clients.  Gina lives with her two daughters Nyah and Jorja.
Est. 2018 We are Te Atatu’s premier barbershop & we take pride in providing our community, and those from all across Auckland, with the best barber experience. With a penchant for traditional cuts, we combine modern tools and techniques with old-school, tried-and-tested thinking to create timeless hair cuts that are built upon fundamental techniques and adapted to suit your needs. Hair Cut Clippers or scissors on the back and sides, scissor work on the top. Detailed around the edges, with the nape straight razor shaved. Styled with your choice Reuzel product. Restyle fee may apply. $40 Buzz Cut Clippers on the back, sides, and top. Detailed around the edges, with the nape straight razor shaved. Styled with your choice Reuzel product. Zero fades are charged as full haircuts. $20 Beard Trim Tailored to suit your needs. Includes any combination of de-bulking the sides, squaring up the bottom, tidying up the mo, or cleaning up the edges. $10-25 Additional Razor Services ​Tack this onto your haircut for a razor fade, or with your beard trim to take those edge lines to the next level. $15
Glendene barber shop Barber Shop in Glendene TESTIMONIALS 6 months ago Nice and friendly boys, got a fresh razor fade loved it. Would definitely be going back for sure. – Vikrant S 6 months ago These guys are very professional and had a nice haircut!! I I will recommend it to everyone Should visit there. 😊 – aman t 3 weeks ago Amazing people and the best cuts ever – Cassius P

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Hairdressers West Auckland Service Area:

Hairdressers West Auckland Service Area:

  • Hairdressers Anawhata, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Bethells Beach, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Glen Eden, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Glendene, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Green Bay, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Henderson, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Herald Island, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Hobsonville, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Huia, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Karekare, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Kelston, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Konini, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Kumeu, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Laingholm, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Lincoln, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers McLaren Park, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Massey, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers New Lynn, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Oratia, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Piha, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Ranui, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Royal Heights, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Sunnyvale, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Swanson, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Te Atatu, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Te Atatu Peninsula, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Te Atatu South, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Titirangi, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Waiatarua, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Westgate, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers West Harbour, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Western Heights, West Auckland
  • Hairdressers Whenuapai, West Auckland

hairdressers hair styling West Auckland

If you’re looking for a hairdressing salon that offers a private, friendly and clean atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy, the Hairdressers West Auckland is for you! Come and visit the Hairdressers West Auckland and relax in the hands of a competent hairdresser and let yourself get away from the daily grind of work.

At Hairdressers West Auckland, we’re going to make sure you get everything you need from a hair salon. Enjoy gorgeous hair cutting, creative and exquisite hair colouring.

About Hairdressers West Auckland

You can relax with confidence, knowing that Hairdressers West Auckland has been established in West Auckland for more than 15 years. Customers come from all four corners of Auckland, only love Hairdressers West Auckland because it gives fantastic service and outstanding quality hairdressing at reasonable rates.

Highly passionate about hairdressing, Hairdressers West Auckland loves giving its clients more than just a hairstyle, but a total experience. Hairdressers West Auckland’s favorite part of hairdressing is the feeling that her clients leave absolutely happy.

At Hairdressers West Auckland, we believe that customer service plays a crucial role in the hair and beauty profession. We are here to listen to what you want and to satisfy your every hairdressing need.

As West Auckland’s preferred choice for hairdressing services, Hairdressers West Auckland has built a good reputation in the West Auckland community for offering a high-quality hairdresser service at very competitive rates.

hairdressers salon West Auckland

Why Choose Hairdressers West Auckland?

As West Auckland’s chosen option for hair salon services, Hairdressers West Auckland has developed a strong reputation amongst the West Auckland community for providing a high-quality hair salon service at competitive prices, and no job is too big or small.

All Hairdressers West Auckland’s hairstylists have been professionally trained to assist you with all your hairdressing service requirements.

Hairdressers West Auckland specialises in traditional to modern and elegant to chic hairstyles. From your simple cut and blow-dry to your fabulous colour and highlights, Hairdressers West Auckland will make sure you walk out the door looking and feeling great.

Hairdressers West Auckland’s Professional Hairstylists

High quality, and professional expertise in the field of hairdressing, as well as personality, passion, efficiency, authenticity, and integrity – that’s what Hairdressers West Auckland is all about! There are no interns, so at all times you get one on one professional attention.

The team of committed and highly trained hair stylists at Hairdressers West Auckland is proud of their experience and expert skills in all aspects of hairdressing. Our talented hairstylists are constantly conscious of evolving fashions, patterns, and lifestyles, and their styles of hairdressing are built to fit people of all beauty and ages.

Customers can be assured of attentive service by a hairdressing team that offers interested, sincere, and compassionate hair beauty advice. Hairdressers West Auckland uses high-quality and essential haircare items in our salons, such as Wella, Loreal, Joico, and Morrocan Oil.

Popular Hairstyling Services of Hairdressers West Auckland

Hairdressers West Auckland offers a wide range of hairdresser products and services in and around West Auckland. West Auckland Hairdressers will provide you with all your hairdresser and hair salon requirements with experience, care, and up-to-date styles, and essential haircare products.

Our rates are competitive on the market and reflect the services and products that you will receive for all your hair needs. In addition to hairdressing, we have stocked a number of premium and essential haircare products like Keune and Indola that are readily available if you wish to buy.

Hairdressers West Auckland hairstyling services include hair extensions, hair cutting and styling, hair colouring and treatment, dreadlocks, plaits and braiding, and men’s haircut.

Hair Cutting Styling

Come and be a guest to one of our highly trained stylists and have everything from a simple trim, latest trends in haircuts, to a complete hair restyle. We are going to listen to what you want! Price ranges from $55 to $90.

  • Women’s cut, shampoo and blow-dry
  • Women’s restyle cut, shampoo and blow-dry
  • Women’s hair curling
  • Women’s hair straightening
  • Women’s hair extension

Hair Care, Colouring, and Treatment Services

We only use and recommend premium brand hair colours and specialises in all areas of hair colour work. Our mission is to produce incredible service by integrating advanced colouring methods with high-quality materials and highly skilled staff. Price ranges from $70 to $150.

  • Olaplex stand-alone treatment
  • Olaplex stand-alone treatment
  • Hair retouch
  • Global hair colouring
  • Hair foiling
  • Hair toning
  • Keratin blowout treatment
  • Hair colour removal

Men’s Haircuts

On Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, our professional male barber is available for walk-in haircuts only.  He will provide you with the latest styles and trends in haircuts and show you the best products available to achieve the same result at home. He is experienced in all areas of barbering and looking forward to taking care of you. Price ranges from $15 to $40.

  • Men’s regular cut and blow-dry
  • Men’s clipper cut
  • Men’s technical haircuts

Special Offer: Bridal Hair Styling Package

Hairdressers West Auckland provides a special and exclusive bridal hairstyling package. Let’s start preparing for your perfect bride hair! Larger packages for the mother of the bride and groom are available upon request.

Bridal Styling Packages
  • Bride only at $80
  • Bride + 1 maid    $150
  • Bride + 2 maids  $200
  • Bride + 3 maids  $250

Hairstyle Gallery

Customer Testimonials

“I was very pleased with the service I got from Hairdressers West Auckland, and I was impressed that I was able to call up their clinic and make an appointment at their salon for the exact time I wanted it. Reasonable cost and hassle-free! I am now a regular client at Hairdressers West Auckland ” — Joyce

“I’m their new client and just popped in to make hair colour and it was fitted in. Beautiful hair colour and friendly hairdresser. Love my hair, and I love the price of it. Unforgettable salon experience. Thank you very much!” — Kate

“Great hair colour service from awe-inspiring hairdressers welcoming you with a smile. Love the ladies especially hairdresser Leah. I highly recommend the Hairdressers West Auckland ” — Trixia

Contact Us and Get in Touch!

We want you to look and feel great with inspirational ideas. We’ll make sure that your every visit to Hairdressers West Auckland leaves you feeling radiant and revitalised. We believe that you would want to come back to us time and time again.

If you would like to book an appointment or consultation with us, please feel free to call Hairdressers West Auckland at 01 4321 1111 Kaye anytime. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message and you’ll be called back.