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For those wanting a more secluded and private beach that still  has stunning views of the Northern Manukau Harbour, Kaitarakihi Beach is a must visit for everyone in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Located further along Huia Rd at Kaitarakihi Bay, this beach is a hidden gem that not many West Aucklanders know about. Whilst it lacks the wharf of it’s famous brother Cornwallis Beach, this beach offers the same beach conditions and long stretch of sand – without the busy hub-bub.

Beautiful pohutukawa trees overhang the beach front and create the perfect patch of shade for hiding in during the summer months whilst you look out over the scenic Manukau harbour and enjoy a moment of peace in this quiet spot.

Take a kayak out into Kaitarakihi Bay for a peaceful paddle or venture further into neigbouring bays like Orpheus Bay or Kakamatua Inlet.

During low tide, kids can explore the Rock Pools on either end of the beach and enjoy an easy climb around on the rocks or cool off in the gentle surf.

Fishing At Kaitarakihi Beach

Kaitarakihi Beach is popular with those keen on fishing as there are rocks located on either end of the beach, making it an ideal spot for fishing Kaitarakihi Bay.

Waves are more gentle here than Whatipu Beach or Anawhata Beach and don’t threaten to sweep you off. Take note of the tides and find your spot during low tide. Also, keep an eye on the water during incoming tides as it can cut off your retreat onto the beach.

Fishing straight from the beach with a surf casting rod is also possible if your throw is long enough!

With fish flowing in from The Manukau Harbour you can expect to catch some of the finest fish in New Zealand such as:

  • Blue Moki
  • Blue Cod
  • Gurnard
  • Hapuku
  • Kahawai
  • Kingfish
  • Terakihi
  • Trevally
  • Snapper

Swimming At Kaitarakihi Beach

Swimming is considered to be safe at Kaitarakihi beach as the waves are mostly gentle. In terms of water quality standards, water quality tests from Swim Guide have stopped in 2017 after the beach had a 100% Pass Rate for it’s level of pollution.

Facilities At Kaitarakihi Beach

  • Longdrop Toilets
  • Carpark
  • Picnic Tables (x2)

Access To Kaitarakihi Beach

The access road to Kaitarakihi Beach is a well compacted dirt road. Driving on it’s easy but be careful as it’s narrow and you may have cars driving up from the other way.

The access road takes about 1 minute to drive down to the beach from the access gate near Huia Road.

If you have a lowered sports car, it may be best if you take a different car or organise carpooling to the beach as it may be tricky getting down there on gravel.

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