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Anawhata is a beach on the coast of New Zealand to the west of Auckland. Due to it’s accessibility only by foot, it is one of West Auckland’s less popular beaches.

It’s situated 40 km (50 minutes drive) from Auckland. Piha, Karekare and Whatipu are to the south of Anawhata Beach and you’ll pass them on the road to Anawhata. To the north are Te Henga (Bethells Beach), and Muriwai.

It’s one of the least visited beaches in the city because there’s a long, unsealed path to get there, and a steep trail down to the ocean. Be sure to pack some comfortable walking shoes!

Do note that there is no surf patrol and, like all the beaches of West Auckland, swimming might not be safe due to rips. Always be sure to observe the water and if you are unsure, avoid going in!

Anawhata Beach History

Local iwi (tribe) Te Kawerau and Maki have been occupying this area for hundreds of years, and many settlements and fortifications have been built in the area.

By the time 1870 came around, Europeans had already setup timber mills and farms in the area. To help transport Kauri logs that were harvested in the area, a 14km long tramway was built between Anawhata and Whatipu.

The Auckland Tramping Club used the Anawhata stream for a day trip back in 1966. Trampers were dropped off in the hills above the stream, and were picked up by an old bus several hours later from the beach.

Access To Anawhata Beach

There’s a steep walk down to Anawhata beach from the end of the road. Once there, you’ll need to cross the Anawhata stream to the next port, called Parera Port. This is a place where you’ll see a lot of surfers in the right conditions.

Important Details You Should Know About Anawhata Beach


All animals apart from Aid dogs are prohibited from all Auckland Council regional parks, accommodations and bookable sites. You need to inform City Council staff at time of booking if you will have a registered aid dog with you.

Please keep all dogs on a leash unless stated otherwise on sign posts near the beach.

Alcohol And Drinking

To keep this a family friendly and inviting beach to visit, public and/or excessive alcohol consumption is not allowed. If you are seen to be making a nuisance of yourself and disturbing the peace, you will be asked to leave by a park ranger.


This beach is smoke free, please refrain from smoking whilst visitng our beach.


Please keep our parks and beaches litter free, take any rubbish with you when you leave Anawhata Beach.

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