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Our Story To us, family is everything, We are passionate about creating The Village Early Learning Centre to reflect the family values that were instilled upon us as we grew up in New Zealand.  Spaces that are full of happy, nurtured and challenged children. Equally, we truly care about our team.  We believe in a culture of gratitude and appreciation, and in valuing and celebrating teachers as well as children for their individual differences. We know that choosing an Early Learning Centre is hard.  We also know that trusting your precious little ones in someone else’s care is harder. We aim to make the decision as easy as possible.  We want to take away the fear and replace it with a feeling of security and excitement. We hope that you will enjoy the experience from the moment you walk in our doors.  Come in and discover the difference. Tania van Velzen Owner  
WELCOME TO OUR KIDS EARLY LEARNING AUCKLAND BASED CHILDCARE Our Kids Learning Centre was founded in 2008 by Anita Kumar, now expanded to four early childcare centres and known in the community for our commitment to quality Early Childhood Education and equal learning opportunities. Our Kids combines intimate community relationships, New Zealand’s Te Whariki curriculum, the principles of Pikler and RIE philosophies, and children’s play urges to form a progressive solution to learning. This ensures that their experience at our early childhood centre is a positive and engaging one, from the first moment they step into our day care until they begin their transition to school. OUR TEAM Our staff are selected for their knowledge of early childhood, their expertise in providing appropriate educational programmes, their compassion for children and their philosophy of education and early childhood development. Our teachers are qualified early childhood educators and undertake regular professional development to keep them abreast of the current trends in our field. Our teachers participate in a yearly appraisal programme where management and teachers can reflect on strengths, weaknesses and goals and plan for the following year. All qualified teachers are expected to maintain current Teacher Registration and first aid certification. Registration ensures that teachers go on to participate in professional development throughout their careers and that satisfactory teaching and knowledge standards are maintained. We undertake a series of safety checking steps when appointing all staff at this centre.  
Purpose-built for children aged 3 months to 5 years, Active Explorers Swanson offers the highest quality care in a nurturing, inspiring and multicultural environment. With rooms specifically designed for each age and stage, we help our kids build confidence, creativity and a sense of adventure. Our primary care focus fosters rich relationships with both children and whanau, while our exciting outdoor area is the perfect setting for activities that cultivate learning, develop gross motor skills and encourage social play. A well thought out curriculum, delivered by educators who love what they do, ensures Active Explorers Swanson kids are happy and engaged. We are the home of enquiring minds and creative thinking. Come join our family. Why choose us? There are a host of reasons why so many West Auckland families choose Active Explorers Swanson for their child. Here are just a few of them: Conveniently located close to buses and trains Purpose-built for different age groups Respectful, inclusive, multicultural environment Primary care approach helps grow children who are strong, capable and confident learners Lots of fun physical challenges like bikes, climbing, sand and water play Open door policy encourages parents/caregivers to spend time at the centre getting to know our educators and our programmes Healthy Heart meals provided – breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack Individual planning ensures the best possible outcomes for each child We incorporate a range of different celebrations and events into our centre curriculum  
Quality childcare and early education We are proud that our Te Atatu centre holds a ‘well placed’ 3 year ERO review. Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro nōnā te ngāhere. Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga nōnā te ao The bird that consumes the miro owns the forest. The bird that consumes knowledge owns the world​ At Kimberley Childcare Te Atatu, we firmly believe that every tamaiti (child) is a unique taonga (treasure), cloaked in whakapapa (descent/ancestry). We seek to nurture them in a fun, loving and caring environment – a whare (home) away from home. ​We are a multicultural centre that respects the diverse cultures, languages and identity of all and celebrates that everyone is a taonga (gift/treasure). About Kimberley Childcare We have two unique centres in Auckland. Our Greenlane centre is ranked in the top five percent of Auckland Childcares and is in a handy location near the Greenlane Roundabout, Countdown and McDonalds. Our Te Atatu centre is perfectly situated in Te Atatu South, near Countdown with an under twos and a preschool building well set out to cater to your child’s needs. Our kaiako (teachers) stand firm on the saying, “Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu.” “Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar.” The bird’s feathers resemble the tamariki (children) being supported, nurtured, loved and cared for by strong, knowledgeable kaiako (teachers). This allows tamariki (children) to learn new skills as they are given qualities in life and learning that enable them to soar high in their new journey at Kimberley Childcare and for their future.​ Our focus is helping each individual with their potential through growing in a healthy mix of educational and recreational activities. ​Te Whāriki (the curriculum) makes a bold impact on the tamariki’s (children’s) learning and development helping them to grow confidently and competently from birth.
Welcome to The Grange A home away from home The Grange Early Learning centre is a small, homely centre catering to a maximum of 37 children. It is operated and managed by a fully registered and trained Early Childhood teacher with 20 years of teaching and managing experience. We are the only centre in a 3-kilometre radius to receive the highest ranking from the Ministry of Education’s review office. The Grange has an outstanding 25-year reputation and is well known in the community. We pride ourselves in creating a home away from home, not just your children but also for you. We do this through various parent events throughout the year. The owner and manager of The Grange knows what it takes to give your child a truly memorable experience filled with joy and discovery. Over the span of her impressive 20-year career, she has worked in a variety of both small and large centres, using her acquired knowledge and skills to develop her own set of unique programmes and routines, each catered to your child’s individual needs. Here is what makes The Grange different from the rest: We have a maximum of 8 children under the age of 2 In other childcare centres, most rooms for children under the age of 2 generally have 12 – 15 babies and toddlers. Unfortunately, these children are often left to their own devices, regardless of the number of teachers that are appointed to supervise these rooms. This gap in supervision is particularly worrisome, especially if the centre’s outdoor area is easily accessible. A crowded room of young children also means that their sleep area will always being used, resulting in the disruption of your child’s routine (i.e.: your child will most likely be woken up whenever another child is put to bed or wakes from a nap). The overcrowding of these rooms also poses a significant challenge for the centre’s teachers, who simply don’t have the time to learn about each child’s needs or interests. Primary caregiving is often implemented to solve this problem, but the results are far from perfect. What happens to your child before or after their primary caregiver’s shift has ended? What happens when their primary caregiver is away for the day or has left the centre for good? From experience, this solution causes more issues and has the potential to make the problem it’s supposed to solve even worse. We don’t have a separate room for 2-year-olds Having a separate room for 2-year-olds may sound great on paper, but in practice, fails spectacularly. At the age of two, children begin to observe how others around them behave and consequently try to mimic the perceived behaviour. This is an age of intense learning and exploration, so it is crucial for children to emulate the right actions. Rooms that consist only of 2-year-old children (or children who have just turned three) are the most chaotic, as these children are witnessing and then copying unfavourable behaviour such as biting, pulling, pushing, putting objects in their mouths, and throwing toys. At The Grange, we believe that mixed age groups are the best for creating positive role models. When two-year-old children interact with 4-year-old children, they begin to demonstrate more mature behaviour, which results in positive outcomes for all our children. The Grange’s qualified owner works with the children daily and is here because she cares Very few childcare centre owners are Early Childhood qualified. Throughout her 19 years of experience, The Grange’s owner has seen first-hand how a lack of knowledge in the field can negatively impact both teachers and children. A qualified childcare manager makes all the difference, as they understand what is needed to make a centre thrive. Only a qualified childcare owner will understand the need to have a second safety gate, have an extra teacher for special circumstances, implement better teacher to child ratios, reduce the number of children per room, etc. Unqualified centre owners simply don’t know what it’s like to work as a teacher, and many of them are not on-site daily, which means that they cannot properly assess a centre’s real needs or apply a budget that will provide quality care for the attending children. A backyard-style playground Our outdoor space was designed by a landscape artist who has also been trained in Early Childhood, which means that our playground was designed with children’s need in mind. Unlike many other centres, The Grange values a natural environment for children. You will notice that we have real grass and plenty of trees – just like your backyard at home. We even have our very own pig that we can feed! A stable team that is here for all the right reasons Due to an extreme shortage of trained teachers in Early Childhood, teachers often move from centre to centre, seeking better pay. As a result of this constant teacher turnover, both children and parents end up feeling unsettled and insecure, never quite knowing who their teacher is or how long they will stay at the centre. But at The Grange, we do things differently. The centre’s owner develops strong, lasting relationships with the teachers she works with, treating them as friends more than colleagues or subordinates. She places her teachers’ needs above her own, and in return, asks that they simply do the same for the children. Through this philosophy, she has created job satisfaction and a positive environment where everyone feels respected, valued, appreciated, and genuinely cared for.  

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west auckland daycare

Are you looking for a childcare centre providing the best quality care in a stimulating and loving environment in West Auckland? West Auckland Day Care Centre provides a special, long daycare service for your kids.

About West Auckland Day Care Centre

West Auckland Day Care Centre is the best childcare and daycare centre in Waitakere, West Auckland that provides a safe, comfortable, clean, secure and stimulating home atmosphere and space for young children through to pre-teens.

Our emphasis is on providing the best innovative and awesome learning environment where individual care and attention will be provided to your child. Both the kindergarten and the junior kindergarten centres and services have trained early childhood curriculum teachers.


West Auckland Day Care Centre is located in Waitakere, West Auckland. A completely fenced childcare facility with a large well-maintained park, front and backyard facilities, spacious playing rooms, and complete with a wide range of outdoor toys and a large sandpit. Both indoor and outdoor toys are regularly sanitised and updated.

The centre’s wide park gives children enough shade to enjoy the outdoor environment. On rainy days, we play in the spacious indoor rooms and covered outdoor playgrounds where we do our arts and crafts, dress-ups, storytimes, dance, birthday parties, and many other fun and exciting events.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is to provide a safe, challenging, nurturing and positive atmosphere and space for all children, regardless of gender, race, or skill, so that children can learn through active exploration while being healthy and protected. The individual early learning needs of children are met in a supportive and sensitive manner to enhance warm interactions with adults and peers.

Our Vision

  • We assume that all children are individuals with their own talents and abilities.
  • We promote our concept of “kid’s comfort zone” and endeavour to build a daycare with an awesome learning environment in which children feel safe, secure, and happy while learning and adapting to the unique needs and desires of each child.
  • We recognize that in order to make both children and their parents feel relaxed, we must always have a welcoming, stable, healthy, and well-supervised early learning centre.
  • We agree that the stage of development of a child is special and that there must be opportunities for the child to grow socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, creatively, and spiritually.

These are achieved through a balance of early learning, stimulation, and nurturing.

School Programmes

The services are focused on the strengths and needs of children, as defined by observations made by both teachers and parents and staff. Emphasis is put on building self-esteem, self-respect, responsibility, and a sense of belonging in every person, while interest is encouraged as per the evolving curriculum.

West Auckland Day Care Centre provides a loving environment, secure and positive atmosphere for children, while at the same time promoting their welfare and well being, learning and development while encouraging environmental consciousness. West Auckland Day Care Centre gives children an appreciation of nature, care of animals, and the rural climate, as well as an appreciation of their peers and friends.

daycare west auckland

Early Childhood Education

  • Ensures that each child has the ability to have a warm and loving relationship with their caring teachers. This can be done partially by interaction with a minimum number of different caregivers within the child’s program.
  • Provides an easy, caring, relaxing, home-like atmosphere.
  • Provides for the physical needs of children in terms of sanitation, cleanliness, health, and safety and ensures that children are fed, groomed, and washed at appropriate times, such routines must be seen as opportunities for learning and socialization.
  • Develops love, empathy, social skills, and concern for others and the community, and through this regard for self, others, and the physical environment.
  • Implements a daycare service that is developmentally acceptable and meet the existing welfare needs and desires of the child.
  • Implements a daycare service that is free from racial and gender inequality.
  • Implements childhood education programs that are adaptive, based on individual choices and desires, consider various learning routine and styles and encourage social skills to be replicated and exercised.
  • Implements initiatives that accept the arts as a symbol system and allow innovative and inventive learning routine expression in a wide range of mediums.
  • Encourages cooperation between small groups and all groups within the childhood centre.
  • Encourages each child’s personal autonomy, creative thinking abilities, responsibility, positive difference, and self-esteem by concentrating on strengths and achievements and by claiming these successes.

Daily Activities

Every week we prepare interesting, enjoyable, and informative and exciting events for children. We want to inspire children to take advantage of their ingenuity, imagination, and creative thinking abilities through a variety of activities. Some of the activities we deliver are:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Arts and Crafts with a large variety of materials to enhance your child’s creativity
  • Colouring in, with a variety of materials to enhance fine motor skills
  • Book reading
  • Storytelling
  • Music, songs, and nursery rhymes to enhance the children’s literacy
  • Dance, play musical instruments, listen to music from around the world to open their eyes to other cultures
  • Dress ups and Roleplay to develop the children’s imagination

Outdoor Activities

To develop your child’s motor skills, we have amazing outdoor playgrounds and park facilities :

  • Sandpit
  • Ball play
  • Balance plank
  • Swingset
  • Trikes, Ride-on
  • Climbing “Castle”
  • Water play
  • Forest Walk
  • Bridge Walk 

West Auckland Day Care Centre is located in the heart of Waitakere, West Auckland.

As a culturally inclusive family childcare and daycare scheme and one of Auckland’s best daycare and early learning centres, we identify, respect, and celebrate the cultural differences that exist within our children, educators, families, and staff.

Our goal at West Auckland Day Care Centre is to provide a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere full of meaningful and positive experiences, fun, laughter, authentic relationships, and collaborations with families and their extended generations. We at the West Auckland Day Care Centre provide children and families with a home away from home experience.

Client Testimonial

“Our little man just loves going to West Auckland Day Care Centre. He’s having so much fun, and the teacher is not only kind and gentle with the kids, but she’s going to teach them things like brushing their teeth, potting training, etc. That’s amazing. Having only four kids at one time means they’ve become great friends, and the kids just love each other. Highly recommended daycare school!” – Morgana

“We’ve been so lucky to meet such a great daycare teacher, she’s one of a kind. Her enthusiasm for her work is obvious, she really loves kids. It’s so reassuring to know that my little child is so relaxed with her friends and comfortable when she’s in care and loves going to West Auckland Day Care Centre. Definitely one of the best centres in Auckland.” – Cali

“West Auckland Day Care Centre is an amazing childcare facility with friendly day care providers and staff. The childcare centre has a pleasing setting, flexible schools hours and an awesome learning environment with caring teachers and a loving team who plays a positive role in my child’s stay at the centre. My little kid is gaining a lot of amazing friends. My kid has improved his confidence and well being, gained positive experiences while exploring plenty of opportunities at school.” – Kris


How to Enrol Your Child

Contact and email us at with the following information or fill out the enquiry form. To know more about the enrolment process and details of our daycare school hours, you may visit our daycare facility in Waitakere, West Auckland.

Required days and hours of care:

Required start date:

Suburb or area:

Any special requirements or medical diagnosis:

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