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Welcome to Henderson Valley Vet where our motto is “Helping families locally”. We see you and your pets as a family and we at HVV are a family too. Dr Garry, Jenny, Nerys and Sue. We have a purpose built clinic with separate cat & dog consulting & hospital rooms (not many clinics have that, to decrease the stress when visiting the doctor) and separate areas for cats & dogs waiting with their owners. We have clinics in the morning & evening for consultations by appointment, Saturdays are a bit variable at the moment. And best of all you can park right at the door & walk 3 steps & be in the clinic – easier & safer for you and your pet. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for you & your pet with full veterinary service and a large retail area for pet accessories & food, as well as pet washing. We also do Health Screens which are to detect disease early. Early detection means the disease processes have not proceeded as far, so that treatment is less expensive and means your pet will live longer with better quality of life.    
Welcome to SWANSON ROAD VETERINARY CLINIC We are located in Henderson, Auckland, and welcome pets and pet parents from the area and surrounding suburbs including Ranui, Massey, Sunnyvale and Te Atatu. Swanson Road Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing the very best medical care for your pets in Henderson. Our clinic provides state of the art equipment and laboratories that ensure the right treatments are always available. Our goal is to make the quality of your pet’s life as healthy as your own. Our highly experienced veterinarians and nurses will make sure that your beloved pet lives a healthy and active life by remedying all types of curable diseases and medical problems. As well as offering a comprehensive range of Veterinary services to your beloved pets, we also have Cat Boarding Facilities to accommodate your feline friends while you are away, in-house cat groomer, and stock a range of pet food and pet products. Our dedicated team looks forward to welcoming you and your pet to our veterinary family.  
Welcome to The Grange A home away from home The Grange Early Learning centre is a small, homely centre catering to a maximum of 37 children. It is operated and managed by a fully registered and trained Early Childhood teacher with 20 years of teaching and managing experience. We are the only centre in a 3-kilometre radius to receive the highest ranking from the Ministry of Education’s review office. The Grange has an outstanding 25-year reputation and is well known in the community. We pride ourselves in creating a home away from home, not just your children but also for you. We do this through various parent events throughout the year. The owner and manager of The Grange knows what it takes to give your child a truly memorable experience filled with joy and discovery. Over the span of her impressive 20-year career, she has worked in a variety of both small and large centres, using her acquired knowledge and skills to develop her own set of unique programmes and routines, each catered to your child’s individual needs. Here is what makes The Grange different from the rest: We have a maximum of 8 children under the age of 2 In other childcare centres, most rooms for children under the age of 2 generally have 12 – 15 babies and toddlers. Unfortunately, these children are often left to their own devices, regardless of the number of teachers that are appointed to supervise these rooms. This gap in supervision is particularly worrisome, especially if the centre’s outdoor area is easily accessible. A crowded room of young children also means that their sleep area will always being used, resulting in the disruption of your child’s routine (i.e.: your child will most likely be woken up whenever another child is put to bed or wakes from a nap). The overcrowding of these rooms also poses a significant challenge for the centre’s teachers, who simply don’t have the time to learn about each child’s needs or interests. Primary caregiving is often implemented to solve this problem, but the results are far from perfect. What happens to your child before or after their primary caregiver’s shift has ended? What happens when their primary caregiver is away for the day or has left the centre for good? From experience, this solution causes more issues and has the potential to make the problem it’s supposed to solve even worse. We don’t have a separate room for 2-year-olds Having a separate room for 2-year-olds may sound great on paper, but in practice, fails spectacularly. At the age of two, children begin to observe how others around them behave and consequently try to mimic the perceived behaviour. This is an age of intense learning and exploration, so it is crucial for children to emulate the right actions. Rooms that consist only of 2-year-old children (or children who have just turned three) are the most chaotic, as these children are witnessing and then copying unfavourable behaviour such as biting, pulling, pushing, putting objects in their mouths, and throwing toys. At The Grange, we believe that mixed age groups are the best for creating positive role models. When two-year-old children interact with 4-year-old children, they begin to demonstrate more mature behaviour, which results in positive outcomes for all our children. The Grange’s qualified owner works with the children daily and is here because she cares Very few childcare centre owners are Early Childhood qualified. Throughout her 19 years of experience, The Grange’s owner has seen first-hand how a lack of knowledge in the field can negatively impact both teachers and children. A qualified childcare manager makes all the difference, as they understand what is needed to make a centre thrive. Only a qualified childcare owner will understand the need to have a second safety gate, have an extra teacher for special circumstances, implement better teacher to child ratios, reduce the number of children per room, etc. Unqualified centre owners simply don’t know what it’s like to work as a teacher, and many of them are not on-site daily, which means that they cannot properly assess a centre’s real needs or apply a budget that will provide quality care for the attending children. A backyard-style playground Our outdoor space was designed by a landscape artist who has also been trained in Early Childhood, which means that our playground was designed with children’s need in mind. Unlike many other centres, The Grange values a natural environment for children. You will notice that we have real grass and plenty of trees – just like your backyard at home. We even have our very own pig that we can feed! A stable team that is here for all the right reasons Due to an extreme shortage of trained teachers in Early Childhood, teachers often move from centre to centre, seeking better pay. As a result of this constant teacher turnover, both children and parents end up feeling unsettled and insecure, never quite knowing who their teacher is or how long they will stay at the centre. But at The Grange, we do things differently. The centre’s owner develops strong, lasting relationships with the teachers she works with, treating them as friends more than colleagues or subordinates. She places her teachers’ needs above her own, and in return, asks that they simply do the same for the children. Through this philosophy, she has created job satisfaction and a positive environment where everyone feels respected, valued, appreciated, and genuinely cared for.  
The electrical company you can trust STS Electrical Services provide a wide range of electrical services Auckland wide. We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable and honest. You can trust that we will turn up when we say we will, complete the job to the highest standard and always clean up. Once the job is complete you can rest easy knowing that all work is carried out using quality materials and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.   Commercial Services We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services Auckland wide. We have over ten years experience looking after a number of commercial clients- including schools, churches, offices and food manufacturers. We were also the winners of the Master Electrician’s medium sized project award in 2017 for our work as the electrical contractor for Whoa Studios. When it comes to any commercial building energy efficiency is key- it saves money and is more environmentally, which is a win win. We can offer LED lighting solutions which reduce energy costs, as well as reducing fire risk from old fluorescent fittings. Whether you are looking for an on-going maintenance contractor, or an office re-fit we can help. A full list of commercial services we provide is listed below. LED Lighting Upgrades We can upgrade existing halogen or fluorescent lighting to more energy efficient LED fittings Industrial We can look after any industrial workshops such as food production which require machine maintenance Emergency Lighting We can repair and upgrade emergency lighting fittings   Fit Outs We can take care of any commercial fit out, whether it’s a gym, cafe, or office. We can run all new power, data and lighting. Data & Power Cabling We can run any new data or power cables replaced to a new or re-fitted office, as well as new outlets in commercial trunking Test & Tag We can offer regular test & tagging for commercial clients with reminders of when it is due for renewal    
RHM Construction is a residential building company based in West Auckland, servicing the west and inner city suburbs. Our team of West Auckland builders specialise in home renovations, deck building, kitchen & bathroom renovations, new builds and additions for residential homes.  With RHM Construction, you will get high quality workmanship and a work ethic that is second to none. We are members of the Certified Builders Association. In short, you know you can trust us to work on your project. Furthermore, Rob is a Licensed Building Practitioner (Building Practitioner #BP125930). This means that if there is any restricted building work necessary on your project, it will be supervised or carried out by a licensed builder. We are an environmentally friendly business. We are always trying to find innovative ways to reduce, re-use or recycle our building waste. Whenever possible, we will choose eco-friendly building products and materials. Our goal is to provide the Auckland region with a top-notch building service at competitive prices. We offer expert advice to all our customers. Consequently, this helps us show our clients areas where they may be able to save some money on their project. Secondly, our crystal clear quotes are detailed and delivered in a way that is easy to understand. In other words, you will be able to see what each step of your project will cost and why. RHM Construction can offer our customers great discounts on things like kitchen and bathroom fittings. We have a strong team of sub-trades who work with us. This means we can help you to manage your whole project. If you’re looking for a reliable builder in Auckland, get in touch today to discuss your next project. Renovations Turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of. Renovating your home can completely transform the way you live. Imagine going from your older-style house to modern open-plan living. We specialise in residential renovations of all types, shapes and sizes. New Builds Have your new home built the way you have always imagined it. Whether you need us to build it or manage the entire project, RHM Construction can do it. We can put you in touch with one of our architects that we work closely with or we can work with yours. Bathroom renovations A renovated bathroom will to add re-sale value to your home. We can offer our clients a 10% discount on bathroom fittings from Franklins to help save you money and within your budget. So whatever your renovation idea is, big or small, RHM Construction can help. Decks Nothing says Kiwi summer like having a barbeque on the deck. Decks are arguably the best way to utilise your outdoor space. They become an extension of your home and are ideal for entertaining guests. Get ready for summer and enquire about a new deck today. Kitchen renovations Turn your kitchen from a place to cook to a place to entertain A freshly renovated kitchen can be a huge selling point. People will fall in love with a home because of its kitchen. Turn yours into a stylish modern area that your friends will be envious of.  
Our friendly salon is situated in Glen Eden, West Auckland. Come and see us for all your hair and beauty needs. Shareen Salon Owner and Senior hairdresser Shareen is both friendly and professional, with over 19 years of experience in the industry. A graduate of Winter’s School of Hairdressing, Shareen is able to fully consult on colors, cuts and styling. Vaine Vaine is our lovely Beauty Therapist who graduated at Elite International Beauty and Spa in Newmarket. Whilst studying there, she gained her certificate and CIBTAC. She also has done makeup at Phoenix Cosmetics and supported them during NZ Fashion Week. Vaine’s main focus is on her clients and how they can be the best version of themselves and leave content and happy after each treatment. Janelle Janelle is a people person with great product knowledge. She is friendly and confident and loves to have a laugh. With over 16 years experience in the industry, she started her training at Rodney Wayne and Winters School of Hairdressing. Kelsey Kelsey is a qualified hairdresser and she has over 10+ years experience and knowledge. She is very confident and well experienced within the hairdressing industry.      
We believe in achieving hair and beauty more naturally, caring for you, us and the environment. The vision of being the best ammonia free, natural hair salon began in 2002 and proudly continues today. Focusing on a holistic and well-being approach to hairdressing, being more conscious and using less harmful chemicals. Our passion is to provide you with the confidence, trust and quality that you need in a hairdresser and hair salon. Thoroughly consulting your hair needs, giving you guidance, supporting you with your hair care regime and letting you be as creative as you want to be. benefits ♥ ammonia free ♥ natural, organic ♥ essential oils ♥ salon quality ♥ qualified and experienced hair stylists ♥ specialized hair stylists ♥ environmentally conscious from products to waste and upcycling ♥ co-supporting wellness foundations ♥ animal friendly ♥ vegan Our happiness comes when you leave us feeling better than when you walked in and looking as beautiful as you can be more naturally. We look forward to meeting you soon! ♥ CONSULTATION Visit us for a no obligation complimentary consultation where we’ll discuss your hair concerns, desires, your lifestyle and hair history. SERVICES We incorporate as much natural as possible in to all of our services whilst still achieving quality results of coverage, vibrancy and care. Each hair wash is completed using salon quality, natural based, organic essential oil infused hair care and each colour is ammonia free with our permanent colour range being natural base.  
We Want You to Look and Feel Good Style Works is your local specialists in hair & beauty Glen Eden Auckland. We are a passionate team of stylists who love being creative and making our clients look and feel fabulous when they walk out our door. We specialise in hair and beauty treatments offering a range of services from haircuts and colour to micropigmentation, eye treatments and styling for special occasions. With a team of stylists with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, Style Works has the skills to make you look and feel great. Meet Karlien Owner/Senior Stylist My passion is being creative with cuts and colours. It gives me the greatest buzz. Transforming someone and seeing their smiles is the biggest reward in this industry. I have worked as a hairdresser for the last 22 years. One of my favourite parts of hairdressing is when our clients say ‘go for it’, that is where I truly get to be creative. I love learning new things and up-skilling to offer the best services to our clients. Thank you to all our customers for your support. Meet Stacey Senior Stylist After graduating from Winters 16 years ago, I began my career as a hairdresser. I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else. I love that every day I get to cut and colour our client’s hair, making them feel good about themselves. One of my favourite parts of the job is where I can completely restyle a clients hair, showing them a new side of themselves. The Argila treatments are also a favourite and we get some amazing results. Haircuts & colour Whether you come in for a complete restyle, refreshed colour or a trim we are passionate about making you look and feel good when you leave our salon. We offer a complete range of treatments including cuts, blow waves, professional colours and wedding hairstyles. Eye Treatments At Style Works we offer eyebrow shaping, eyebrow and eyelash tinting. We work closely with our clients on shape and colour to create their perfect brows and lashes. Contact our team for more information and to book your appointment. Special Occasions Have a special occasion coming up? We are here to help make you look and feel your best. We offer hair cuts and styles for weddings, school balls, events and other special occasions. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help make your special day.    
Quality childcare and early education We are proud that our Te Atatu centre holds a ‘well placed’ 3 year ERO review. Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro nōnā te ngāhere. Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga nōnā te ao The bird that consumes the miro owns the forest. The bird that consumes knowledge owns the world​ At Kimberley Childcare Te Atatu, we firmly believe that every tamaiti (child) is a unique taonga (treasure), cloaked in whakapapa (descent/ancestry). We seek to nurture them in a fun, loving and caring environment – a whare (home) away from home. ​We are a multicultural centre that respects the diverse cultures, languages and identity of all and celebrates that everyone is a taonga (gift/treasure). About Kimberley Childcare We have two unique centres in Auckland. Our Greenlane centre is ranked in the top five percent of Auckland Childcares and is in a handy location near the Greenlane Roundabout, Countdown and McDonalds. Our Te Atatu centre is perfectly situated in Te Atatu South, near Countdown with an under twos and a preschool building well set out to cater to your child’s needs. Our kaiako (teachers) stand firm on the saying, “Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu.” “Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar.” The bird’s feathers resemble the tamariki (children) being supported, nurtured, loved and cared for by strong, knowledgeable kaiako (teachers). This allows tamariki (children) to learn new skills as they are given qualities in life and learning that enable them to soar high in their new journey at Kimberley Childcare and for their future.​ Our focus is helping each individual with their potential through growing in a healthy mix of educational and recreational activities. ​Te Whāriki (the curriculum) makes a bold impact on the tamariki’s (children’s) learning and development helping them to grow confidently and competently from birth.
Your hair & beauty oasis in Glen Eden, West Auckland Headstart Total body is a salon of talented hairdressers committed to top quality service along with a personal connection to each of our clients. We are open for business and our team is Fully Vaccinated. Book online Headstart Total Body is a registered salon. Headstart Total Body has always been a registered salon that follows a code of ethics. However, did you know that anyone can open a salon? This is why you may hear in the press about dangerous practises at some salons, and why you should ask about the qualifications and ongoing training of your stylist. We love what we do so we love to constantly up-skill and train. Simone attends meetings to keep up with any Government changes and our team often goes to educational training. Simone has been cutting hair since she was 16 and is the artistic owner and head stylist at Headstart Total Body. Being a natural educator not only for the team at Headstart but she also serves on the board at NZQHA. Simone is also an assessor for new hairdressers in the industry. Simone loves to modernise a classic look to make them fun and wearable for her clients. Simone lives with her husband Wayne and daughters Nikita and Lexi  with their family dog Haizer. Weakness – Simone HATES birds!! Emma is one of our head stylists and has been with Headstart for many years. She has a gentle kind personality with a thoughtful artistic spirit to match. Her work styles range from natural and soft through to bolder looks with pops of colour. Emma is skilled and conversant in all aspects of hairdressing and is an industry assessor as well. She loves to share her knowledge with her team and to help this Emma often engages with one of our colorists to work under her supervision. Emma lives with her husband Lex, daughter Grace and son Bevon with their family pets being two cats Basil and Wick Weakness – Can’t stand clowns and old porcelain dolls

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